Svenskt Tenn's holiday botany 2022


This year, the Christmas flowers at Svenskt Tenn are inspired by Josef Frank’s classic Catleya fabric print. Here, roses, hyacinths, carnations and amaryllises are displayed in pots and vases decorated with swirly motifs, inspired by the royal icing of gingerbread houses.

The flora featured in Josef Frank’s ‘Catleya’ fabric print includes rose, lily, bluebell, carnation and orchid. For Christmas 2023, the print is released in a brown colourway at Svenskt Tenn and serves as the basis of inspiration for how we decorate our christmas homes using flowers, vases and pots.

Miniature potted roses are widely available and lends themselves well to making Christmas arrangements. Here, we decorate the patio with the classic ‘Tolvekarna’ pot, in a vibrant red colourway. A Christmas colourway exclusively available for sale at Svenskt Tenn during Christmas.


“The world of botanics is incredible, both from a visual and historical aspect, think about Linnaéus Flora, his taxonomy of species and the plant kingdom. To sow a seed, wait and follow its growth — there’s something sensorial about the whole process. They are alive, constantly in a state of growth or decay only to be reborn again. Plants are forgiving and poetic — these pots were created to emphasise their unique qualities.”

– Erika Pekkari

More than a decade has passed since designer Erika Pekkari created the widely-loved Tolvekarna pot for Svenskt Tenn. The pot can be used both indoors and outdoors; a simple and beautiful way to decorate the home for Christmas.

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Hortus is a classic that can be used both as a pot and vase. Here, we’ve arranged a selection of sesonal flowers like roses, carnations, amaryllis and hyacinths into a Christmas bouquet.

You can never own too many vases, as vases need to be chosen to suit the flowers, or else it’s not a good fit. You should therefore strive to own as many different vases as there are different kinds of flowers.

– Estrid Ericson

Amaryllis is a classic Christmas flower and is here displayed to resemble the lily in Josef Frank’s ‘Catleya’ fabric print. A simple arrangement with impressive blooms and simple twigs both in Björn Trågårdh’s ‘Waveform’ vase and Josef Frank’s ‘Nr 13’ vase, designed in 1957. In Eric Ericson’s pot, roses and carnations in shades of pink are displayed.

The ‘Syltkrukan’ (jam pot) vase was originally designed by Estric Ericson in the early 1950s. With its practical size and versatility, it has become one of our classics. For Christmas we fill this popular pewter piece with white roses and hyacinths.


A single slipper orchid is placed in Ann Wahlström’s vase ‘Iris’ made of amber-coloured glass. The ‘’Iris collection was created to supply the need for timeless, classic and functional vases for all occasions. They are made using an old technique which is laborious and time-consuming requiring several moulds. The vases are available in green, clear and ambe colourways.

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