DINING ROOM Less is a bore

Collect things that you love and add joy to your home. Use your favourite plants generously in the interior. A dining room is enlivened by greenery, and Svenskt Tenn's glass cabinets hold pots as well as other decorative items.

Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson, collected stones and shells, combined plastic flowers with real ones and loved to make discoveries at flea markets. She often placed them in glass cabinets, so as to give the spectator a soothing and captivating moment.

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Dining Room inspiration Svenskt Tenn
Chair P5 Josef Frank

Josef Frank designed several bentwood chairs during the late 1920s, some of which were produced for Thonet Mundus AG in Vienna. Chair P5’s original sketch is preserved in Svenskt Tenn’s archives, and its form is inspired by a chair that Adolf Gustav Friedrich Schneck created for TON during the same time period.

Josef Frank thought that a dining room chair should be light enough to lift with just a finger, and that it should be easy to move around in an interior. Chair P5 has an open backrest with four rods, which gives the chair a light and airy expression.

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