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Napkins for all occasions

A beautifully patterned napkin in exclusive linen or decorative napkins in soft paper – Svenskt Tenn has a variety of napkins with beautiful prints by Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank. Napkins from Svenskt Tenn add a unique table setting touch, and are appreciated on both everyday table settings as well as at the dinner party.

Napkins as a decorative detail

Svenskt Tenn's napkins are available in different materials and sizes. Fine napkins that become a beautiful decoration and detail at every place around the table. Combine different paper napkins with classic designs and prints such as Elefant (Elephant), Tulpaner (Tulips), Primavera and Stockholmskartan (The map of Stockholm). The napkins are also much appreciated going-away gifts to bring to your friends or family when being invited to dinner.

The textile napkins in Svenskt Tenn's range are also available in several different variants. The timeless napkins in single-coloured linen are available in a variety of colours; green, yellow, white, pink, grey and many more. If you prefer cotton napkins over linen, you can choose from simple, decorative and block printed napkins and napkins with floral prints by Josef Frank.

How to wash Svenskt Tenn's textile napkins

Svenskt Tenn's textile napkins should be machine-washed in 40 degrees. Avoid colder temperatures as the textile paint may leak and float out on the surface. Let the napkins air-dry, do not tumble dry.

Set the table with napkins

When Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson set the table with napkins, she placed them either on the left side or directly on the plate. She did not make any advanced folds, but folded the napkin simply like a wave motion, focusing on the textile being highlighted and visible.

Different ways to place the napkin

If you use starter plates, you can place the napkin diagonally up to the left of the plate, alternatively between the starter and main course plate, slightly tucked in under the starter plate. You can also place the napkin directly on the main course plate. All cutlery is placed in the order they are to be used, the ones for the first dish at the end, working your way in. Knives are placed on the right, and forks on the left. The napkin is placed next to them, unless it is placed directly on the plate. Remember that it should be logical and simple for the guest: he or she should be able to immediately take the napkin and place it in the lap, without first rearranging the cutlery in the table setting.

Napkins & napkin holders