Creative Library Svenskt Tenn

Creative Atmosphere Full of Details

Let the library be lovely, creative and rich in detail during the dark months of the year. With a warm colour scheme and personal effects, it’s easy to create a room that exudes both calm and inspiration. Josef Frank’s classic 2112 bookcase in mahogany was designed in 1950 and comprises two sections, which can be combined and varied in several different ways.

Josef Frank

Josef Frank was opposed to the concept of the architect as an omniscient artist and the idea that all parts of the home must be coordinated with each other. On the contrary, he believed that things that one likes will naturally blend into a harmonic whole.

These ideas were not immediately accepted, and it took several years before they gained a foothold. During the 1940s and 1950s, he designed a series of famous fantasy homes which nowadays can be regarded as the apex of his architectural work, in which everything was timeless, permitted and inclusive. In 2005, the authors Mikael Bergquist and Olof Michélsen published a book about med Josef Frank’s fantasy homes and his philosophy of Accidentismen – the idea that ones surroundings should the designed as if they had occurred by accident.

Josef Frank’s philosophy can be applied in all rooms of the home by decorating with objects you love. He designed the small, rounded display cabinet in the mid-1940s, and it is now once again in Svenskt Tenn’s furniture range. In the cabinet, there is room for myriad small, beautiful things – classic pewter items, shells, stones and other small souvenirs collected and brought home from vacation.