Svenskt Tenn's holiday living room 2022

Living room at Anne’s house decorated for Christmas

For Christmas 2022, Svenskt Tenn visited Anne’s house at Millesgården in Stockholm to decorate and furnish the living room. This year’s Christmas collection is influenced by the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, which is also reflected in the room.

Millesgården is a museum in Stockholm that was the home of artists. It was built in 1908 by sculptor Carl Milles and his wife, artist Olga Milles. The pink bungalow on the estate was completed in 1951 and was built as a residence for Anne Hedmark, Carl Milles’ assistant. Already then, the house was decorated by Svenskt Tenn and its founder Estrid Ericson, with furniture, fabrics and lamps designed by Josef Frank. For Christmas 2022, we have returned to decorate the living room for Christmas.

Pot Tolvekarna by Erika Pekkari

The living room, also known as the music room in Anne’s house, is one of the rooms now on public display at Millesgården. The sofa and armchair in the room are upholstered in Josef Frank prints, while the classic Floor Lamp 2368 casts an ambient glow.

Decorating a living room with new sofa cushions is an easy way to create ambience and a cosy interior. Among the new additions to the range are Josef Frank’s classic Aristidia print in green and Luke Edward Hall’s Coral Diamond Trellis and Antinous cushions.

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The sculpture park at Millesgården features statues inspired by the sea and Greek mythology. Poseidon, Triton and sea nymphs blend with stately pillars, columns and fountains. Svenskt Tenn’s 2022 Christmas collection features similar motifs inspired by the myth of Atlantis. Everything from the cushion patterns to the Christmas tree decorations are based on the same theme.  

Pot Tolvekarna by Erika Pekkari

I marvel at the myth of Atlantis, the magic and romance of it. These romantic and otherworldly themes found their way into my prints: the brass ship is an example. I love the idea of an old ship sailing away into a forgotten, dreamlike world.

– Luke Edward Hall 

For Christmas 2022, Svenskt Tenn is collaborating for the second time with the renowned artist and designer Luke Edward Hall. This time he has, among other things, created a series of Christmas tree pendants in brass and glass, inspired by Atlantis. The collection also includes fabric by the metre, cushions, tablecloths, trays and placemats with his Coral Diamond Trellis print, inspired by the treasures of the sea.

How to decorate the tree

Svenskt Tenn’s interior design philosophy is that everything goes together – that different styles, colours, patterns and eras can come together to create a beautiful whole. This is also true when it comes to Christmas decorations. By decorating the tree with a mix of old, antique and inherited Christmas decorations, along with modern designs and newly discovered favourites, you create a personal style.

For several years, Svenskt Tenn has been creating its own version of the classic Christmas stocking, transforming the popular Christmas decoration into a beautiful decorative item, always in a timeless print by Josef Frank. This year’s Christmas stocking is in the Aristidia print, which has been relaunched in the classic green colour scheme first printed in the 1920s.

Svenskt Tenn's living room for the holidays 2022

Set the mood in your living room with trays, candlesticks and Christmas flowers on the coffee table and side tables.

Anne's house at Millesgården

On Anne’s desk is the Alligator letter opener in pewter, designed in 1929 by Björn Trädgårdh for Svenskt Tenn. It has been used to separate the pages in the exclusive advent calendar in book format that is filled with art and literature. The Advent calendar is one of the new additions to the 2022 Christmas collection. Here, you cut the 24 “doors”, like in an old-fashioned uncut book, and get a text or picture about the day, right up to Christmas Eve. Estrid Ericson’s classic pewter letter weight, shaped like a hand, is also on the table. The weight can be engraved and used as a seal. 

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