Blossoming Magnolia In the Conservatory

Japanese Magnolia, Rox & Fix and rattan furniture. This conservatory interior has many Asian influences, where solid materials are combined with colourful prints. For spring 2020, the Japanese Magnolia print is launched at Svenskt Tenn, with its naturalistic depictions of magnolia blossoms inhabited by birds and butterflies. The print was designed by William Turner in 1917 and was first-hand block printed onto a fine linen. No trace can be found of it being printed after this date so it subsequently became a hidden gem in the renowned GP & J Baker archive. It is over 100 years old, but as relevant today as when it was first created.

Japanese Magnolia
Japanese Magnolia textile by GP & J Baker at Svenskt Tenn
Blossoming Magnolia in the conservatory at Svenskt Tenn

Combine iron and steel furniture with natural materials such as rattan and bamboo. In Svenskt Tenn's conservatory furniture range, there are different styles that can be mixed to create a dynamic and personal whole.

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Pot Svenskt Tenn

Time to replant

In spring, many flowers and plants need to be replanted with new soil and plant nutrition. Svenskt Tenn’s plant pots, designed by Erika Pekkari, are available in several different sizes and a variation of beautiful colours.

The bottom of the pots is unglazed and have a drainage hole, which make them eminently suitable for planting. The pots are made of stoneware at the Porcelain Factory in Lidköping, Sweden. The factory was founded in 2007, resurrecting the historic factory that was closed by Rörstrand in 2005/2006.

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