Via Sallustiana

SVENSKT TENN EXHIBITED Via Sallustiana 17.09.2019 – 28.10.2019

A cobblestone street not far from the lush Villa Borghese park in Rome. This warm, loud place is the home of Swedish illustrator Liselotte Watkins. During autumn 2019, she takes part of it with her, and moves in to Svenskt Tenn on Strandvägen 5.

Via Sallustiana Bild 1 - Svenskt Tenn

The collection and exhibition are named after Liselotte's home on Via Sallustiana in Rome; a recognition of the fact that she has embraced the Italian culture.

Her creations reflect how a Swedish childhood finds new resonance in life as a woman in Italy. The childhood's enterprising female figures and the Swedish applied arts that both earned and praised them, are depicted here through a life as a woman, mother and artist. The home, everyday life and the role that a woman fulfils in Italy finds a new expression and a new meaning as seen through the memories of childhood.

Bold form is here combined with the robust stability of applied art. Swedish ceramic colourways from the 50s and 60s are revived in the warm and welcoming Mediterranean hues that convey a deep and lasting joy in having found their home.

Liselotte Watkins has mainly worked internationally with clients such as Prada, Vogue, Elle and Miu Miu, and is in Sweden mainly known for her collaborations with Lovisa Burfitt and Carin Rodebjer. In recent years Liselotte had an ongoing and close cooperation with the prestigious ceramic workshop Bitossi in Florence.

After growing up in Sweden, Liselotte has lived in Dallas, New York, Paris and Milan among other places. Today she lives in Rome, together with her family.

Via Sallustiana is Liselotte's very first interior collection. It is created exclusively for Svenskt Tenn and consists of a tray and cushion that will become permanent in the range, as well as a table lamp, vases and a textile wall decoration sold in limited edition. In the collection, the female illustration is in focus. A colourful ovation to the woman as a human - without being apologetic.

Liselotte Watkins moodboard


Liselotte Watkins x Svenskt Tenn
Liselotte Watkins x Svenskt Tenn