Svenskt Tenn furnishing studio

The Furnishings Studio

The Furnishings Studio on Strandvägen is partly an education and integration project, whereby Svenskt Tenn can make use of the knowledge and craft skills that have come to Sweden. Potential orders are made through Svenskt Tenn's textile department, upstairs in the store on Strandvägen 5.

The project is a collaboration between Svenskt Tenn and social entrepreneur Pia Lundström, the initiator of Caravanserai in Gävle, where craftspeople from around the world offer their services in sewing, masonry, painting and wallpapering.

Many newly arrived Swedes with sewing backgrounds have practical, rather than theoretical experience and with each individual comes a unique touch and exceptional technique. The goal is for the tailors in Svenskt Tenn's Furnishings Studio to have such a background when possible. When needed, the employees are offered the opportunity to study Swedish during working hours, one morning or afternoon every week, in order to continuously improve their knowledge of the language.

The activities are an extension of the work that Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson began as early as 1934, when the Jewish architect and designer Josef Frank left his native home of Austria due to the rise of anti-Semitism spreading across Europe. Estrid Ericson gave Josef Frank a place to continue his design work in Sweden – which was also a way for her to combat the intolerance and xenophobia of the time. This contributed greatly to turning the company into what it is today. With the Furnishings Studio, Svenskt Tenn is taking a new step in our time.

Detail from The Furnishings Studio