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Inspiration Easter flowers by Svenskt Tenn

Easter botany

Spring is a time when everything sprouts, buds and grows. A time of light and hope - when all that was dead comes back to life. The spring celebration, Easter, is therefore filled with wonder and liveliness.

– Sofia Vusir Jansson

No Easter without flowers. This year, we plant spring bulbs in the classic Tolvekarna (Twelve Oaks) pot, and arrange flowers such as tulips, daffodils, poppies and anemones in beautiful vases.

Vases for Easter

Place tulips and other flowers in the classic Pipe Vase, designed by Nils Fougstedt for Svenskt Tenn in 1931, and combine your own Easter bouquet in the Jam Jar, designed by Svenskt Tenn's founder, Estrid Ericson.

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The flower most associated with Easter is the Daffodil, or the Narcissus, which has become a symbol for the arrival of spring. The colourful flower is just as beautiful to plant as it is to put in a vase, and the yellow colour looks lovely together with timeless pewter.

Just like the daffodil, spring flowers such as anemones and poppies are also suitable for pewter vases. The profile vase was designed by Anna Petrus for Svenskt Tenn in 1927, just three years after the company was founded, and since then it has been part of the range.

Easter table setting by Svenskt Tenn

Easter Table Setting

We are setting the table for Easter with new arrivals from the Easter collection 2023 – tableware in hand-painted ceramics, yellow linen napkins with fringes and the Olympia glasses with yellow brim. Together with colourful Easter flowers in a vase and a linen tablecloth in popping cerise, the festive atmosphere is completed.

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In the dining room, the tablecloth has been sewn up from Svenskt Tenn's own linen, and the colour is matched in the seats of Josef Frank's classic dining room chairs.

Inspiration easter table setting 2023 by Svenskt Tenn

Josef Frank's California

California was designed by Josef Frank in the period 1942 – 1945, and can rightly be called one of his flora planch patterns. For Easter 2023 at Svenskt Tenn, the Spira collection has been inspired by California, and several table setting details, such as egg warmers and runners, have been launched in the same fabric.

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I love the fact that California is sort of a floral planche in textile. I'm very fond of flora planches in general and often use them when I create my paper flowers. The fact that the pattern also includes all my favourite flowers, which can also be found in my own garden, makes me feel incredibly at home. Cress, pansies, zinnias, sweet peas, columbines, dahlias, delphiniums and petunias. It's like our garden in a pattern… plus the old roses of course.

– Sofia Vusir Jansson

Easter tableware

The plates and bowls in this tableware collection are all made by hand in Botoșani and Horezu in Romania, and they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Horezu ceramics always use natural colours, made from local minerals and clays. The motifs are traditional, and those made in Botoșani reflect the history of the region: life, folklore, traditional customs and the surrounding flora and fauna.

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Inspiratoin Easter table setting 2023 by Svenskt Tenn

For Easter 2023, we present Svenskt Tenn's classic linen napkins in a new way, with decorative fringes. The linen napkins are beautiful to combine with the hand-braided napkin rings in bright colours, made by Denise Cruz For My People. Denise works exclusively with small-scale, Ecuadorian artisans, to improve the living conditions of the local population.

Easter decorations by Svenskt Tenn

Easter decorations

The Spira collection reflects how I see Easter. A playful holiday that is a bit crazy and colourful, but also simple and undemanding. It's an atmosphere that can be created with a few simple means.

– Sofia Vusir Jansson

Easter has come to Svenskt Tenn, both to the store and online. In this year’s collection, you can find Easter decorations, Easter flowers and everything needed for the festive table setting.

How to decorate for Easter

One of this year’s new arrivals is the Spira collection, with hand-painted glass eggs and sheer paper flowers for the Easter branches. The playful collection was created by designer Sofia Vusir Jansson, who was inspired by the imaginative shapes within folk art and the colours from Josef Frank's classic California print.

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Sofia Vusir Jansson

Sofia Vusir Jansson works broadly with commissions in photography, scenography, interior design and writing. Her creations take off in an imaginary world, with the objective that they should always be perceived as organic and real.

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The glass eggs in this year's Easter collection are inspired by the bouquets and imaginative shapes within folk art. It was an exciting contrast to paint them in the strong colour palette that Josef Frank uses in California, says Sofia Vusir Jansson.

New arrival

Spring throw

We are happy to present our popular throw in a new, popping spring colour.

Easter, just like Christmas, has always been important at Svenskt Tenn. Our founder, Estrid Ericson, loved decorating and setting tables for all types of celebrations. Entering the store during Easter or Christmas, was often described by the customers as going to a market to get inspiration and a taste of the holiday spirit.

Easter 2023 by Svenskt Tenn