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Buy your Christmas tree decorations online at svenskttenn.se. Here you will find both classic and modern ornaments in glass, Christmas tree decorations, garlands and angel pendants in brass, gold and silver glistening Christmas baubles and classic red and green Christmas tree baubles.

Modern & classic Christmas tree decorations

Svenskt Tenn's Christmas collection is a mix of classic and modern Christmas tree decorations. The range includes timeless decorations by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson, while every year we launch a whole new Christmas collection with Christmas baubles, top stars and pendants created by contemporary designers. These decorations often live on and become a permanent feature in Svenskt Tenn's Christmas range.

Christmas 2022 at Svenskt Tenn is inspired by the myth of the lost city of Atlantis. Among other things, the British designer Luke Edward Hall has created hand-painted Christmas baubles, brass pendants and a top star for the tree. Sofia Vusir Jansson, who also runs the blog Mokkasin, is back with new variants of the popular hand-folded flowers in crepe paper for the Christmas tree, inspired by ancient Christmases.

Christmas decoration ideas

Svenskt Tenn's interior design philosophy is about mixing old and new - decorating the home with things that you love. As early as in the 1950s, Josef Frank wrote: “There’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new, with combining different furniture styles, colours and patterns. Things that you like will automatically fuse to form a relaxing entity.”

Let this philosophy be reflected in your Christmas tree by mixing antique Christmas decorations and inherited ornaments with new accessories, exciting colours, and unexpected combinations. By choosing decorations with care, not letting trends control and decorate the Christmas tree with things that you like, you can create a personal Christmas tree that suits your interior.