Greetings from Margherita

For the summer of 2023, Italian designer and entrepreneur Margherita Maccapani Missoni is collaborating with Svenskt Tenn for the first time. Her eclectic style and playful approach to interior design permeate everything from the summer exhibition and collection to the inspiring interiors we created in her spirit.

Summer flower inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Inspiration for summer flowers

Things are the at their best when they are personal. This summer we combine the classic Hortus pot with blooming Bougainvillea, everlasting flowers in Italian drinking glasses and an abundance of marguerites, daisies and chamomile in glass vases and pewter pots.

The Fantasia and Goto glasses are made by Laguna B in Italy. Since Marie Brandolini started the company in 1994, Laguna~B has played an active role in shaping the contemporary glassware scene through its fostering of research and creativity. Today, they seek to reimagine the table as a lively, playful, and convivial environment.

Summer flower inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

The picture above is part of Svenskt Tenn’s historical archives, probably portraying one of Estrid Ericson’s flower arrangements.

Nils Fougstedt was one of the first artists to design pewter accessories for Svenskt Tenn. He created this beautiful vase in 1929-1930, in a design typical of the period.

“Use what you have at home” is advice that can never be given too often. Broaden the scope for what can be used as a vase and experiment with drinking glasses, wine glasses and candle lanterns for summer bouquets.

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The Fantasia and Goto glasses are new to Svenskt Tenn’s range. They are manufactured in Murano and can be used both as drinking glasses and as vases.

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Conservatory inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Patio a la Margherita

Svenskt Tenn invites you for an afternoon cocktail on the patio. Refreshing drinks are served here in comfortable seating areas accompanied by soft cushions, rugs and throws.

One of the most enjoyable furnishing areas to create during spring and summer is the outdoor space. This year we have been looking south, inspired by Margherita Maccapani Missoni’s Italy.

Refreshing drinks in the Crystal Flora glasses by Ingegerd Råman are served on trays in summery prints by Josef Frank. The cocktail stirrers are handcrafted and produced exclusively for Svenskt Tenn's summer 2023 collection.

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Josef Frank's

rattan furniture

Svenskt Tenn’s range includes deckchairs, armchairs, and stools in rattan as well as accompanying cushions and seats in various colours and patterns.

Svenskt Tenn’s rattan furniture is designed by Josef Frank and is handcrafted at Larsson Korgmakare, about three kilometres from the store on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm. The workshop is located in a basement in the Old Town and is Sweden’s only manufacturer of rattan furniture. It was Josef Frank who started the collaboration with the workshop in the 1940s.

To create the right atmosphere, Estrid Ericson placed still lifes in the store, arrangements that were described in the press:

She does not arrange the objects, but rather directs a piece of silent theatre.

(Picture from Svenskt Tenn’s archives)

Conservatory inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

The Greetings from Margherita trays are designed as postcards from Italy by Margherita Maccapani Missoni.

Living room inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Lombardian Living Room

Margherita Maccapani Missoni's own living room in Varese, Lombardy is an eclectic mix of colours and patterns, and classic and modern design. There were many similarities to Svenskt Tenn’s interior design philosophy, so we decided to combine the two worlds.

Patterns and colours on curtains and furniture harmonise with the art hanging on the walls. The seating area consists of a mix of furniture: sofa, armchairs and stools which together create an oasis of comfort. A large bunch of marguerites in a vase acts as a centrepiece and invites nature into the living room.

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I generally have a playful attitude towards interior design, and I like to go with my gut feeling. It comes naturally for me to mix the sophisticated with eclectic, flea market finds with design objects, and different colours and patterns. It’s an approach that fits well with Svenskt Tenn’s philosophy.

– Margherita Maccapani Missoni 

Beautiful furnishings

Small tables serve an important function, especially in the living room. Here, table 1058 has been placed next to the sofa with an exquisite fruit platter and on Josef Frank's curved folding table 1133, we find several of this summer’s new arrivals: the Greetings from Margherita tray and the handmade candles from Italy.

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Dragonflies are hidden here and there among Aramals large, green leaves. The print was designed by Josef Frank in the early 1940s, and it is Margherita’s favourite pattern.


Larger furniture pieces such as the Liljevalchs sofa, coffee table 2139 and armchair 966 come together in the living room – all designs from the 1930s and 1950s. The furniture is combined with new designs from Svenskt Tenn's range, including the sculptural, functional, and elegant Sirkka stool, designed by artist Mimmi Blomqvist in 2023. The stool is both practical and beautiful with its soft, mushroom-like shape. It is made of ash wood, with a weightiness and design that make it both stable and eye-catching.

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Patterned cushions, chairs and stools. One of this summer’s new arrivals is the heart-shaped cushions with frills, in various prints by Josef Frank.

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Dining room inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Margherita's Dining Room

Margherita’s dining room at her home in Italy is an invitation to long dinners and festive events. The same mood is captured in Svenskt Tenn’s dining room this summer, where we set the table with a festive colour palette, Murano glass, Italian porcelain, and an abundance of flowers.

Dining room inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

The summery porcelain that Margherita designed for Svenskt Tenn is handcrafted by Ceramica Pinto in Vietri Sul Mare, Italy. Together with the colourful drinking glasses from Murano, they represent Italian craftsmanship at its very best. For each place setting, we have combined the Italian craftsmanship with Svenskt Tenn’s classic placemats and linen napkins and the Bistro cutlery series in a summery, shade of blue.

Dining room inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

In the dining room, Margherita has a whole dresser full of placemats in various Josef Frank-designs.

Josef Frank’s designs appeal to me – as well as the philosophy that everything fits together – no matter if it is old or new, has different styles, colours and patterns.

– Margherita Maccapani Missoni

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Serve water, wine or lemonade in the Italian glasses Fantasia and Goto, designed by Marie Brandolini, the founder of Laguna B in Italy. They are handcrafted in Murano and add an aesthetically playful and elegant feel to every table setting.

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A carafe can also be a vase. Get inspired by Margherita and use both carafes and glasses for the summer bouquets.

Clean lines and an airy lightness characterise Josef Frank’s Chair 1165. The six arches in the rattan back give a rhythmic and open character to the design. The chair was designed by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn in 1947.

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The table setting is accompanied by modern interior accessories such as the Rök (Smoke) carafe by Frida Fjellman, designed in 2022; the Fina Snäckan (Fine Shell) dish by Åsa Jungnelius, designed in 2014; and the Serpentin (Serpentine) tablecloth by Natasia Wadsted for Svenskt Tenn.

Next to the dining table is Josef Frank's classic tea trolley 691, designed in the late 1930s. A tea trolley works perfectly as a side table and in the dining room for extra serving platters, glasses, and porcelain.

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Picnic inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Garden Picnic

Invite friends and family to an irresistible picnic where colourful textiles, soft seating areas and Italian influences create a festive atmosphere. Find all the inspiration you need for this summer's outdoor celebrations.

This summer’s collection and exhibition by Margherita Maccapani Missoni reflects her characteristically eclectic and playful style. A recurring theme is the picnic – an event that, according to Margherita, manifests the easy-going and relaxed Italian attitude.

I love making picnics an event and like to go all out. Low tables, a sea of cushions and throws, well-stocked baskets and colourful table settings are the key to creating an inviting environment. For me, who loves setting the table but doesn’t like to cook, this is a perfect way to socialise.

– Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Cushions & rugs

The key to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is to not skimp on cushions, throws and rugs in different colours, shapes and sizes. These are ideal for comfortable seating and can also keep guests warm on chilly evenings. The playful heart-shaped cushions, in prints by Josef Frank, are hand-sewn and based on an idea and vision by Margherita Maccapani Missoni for the summer 2023 collection.

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Picnic inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

An oasis under the oak trees. The summer picnic at Svenskt Tenn is a contemporary version of a garden setting that Estrid Ericson created in her summer house. She used a slate tabletop which she placed on a rough oak stump. Stones with straw plaited cushions were made to act as chairs and a mattress, upholstered in Josef Frank’s Aristidia print was placed under the oak.

I am inspired by and feel a kind of kinship with Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson, a woman who was ahead of her time. She was truly avant-garde – an entrepreneur who maintained great sensitivity while insistent on doing things her own way.

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Vary your vases

Just like Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson, Margherita loves to arrange flowers in drinking glasses. The Fantasia and Goto glasses are new to Svenskt Tenn’s range, and designed by Marie Brandolini, the founder of Laguna B in Italy. They are handcrafted in Murano and can be used both as drinking glasses and as vases.

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Picnic inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Summer porcelain

The daisy-like marguerite flower has become Margherita Maccapani Missoni’s signature – a symbol that stands both for her name and her creative designs. For Svenskt Tenn’s summer 2023 collection, she has created a set of personal porcelain: an inverted marguerite as a plate and side dish, handcrafted by Ceramica Pinto in Vietri Sul Mare, Italy.

Margherita is not only my name, but an eternal source of inspiration. It is part of who I am – my botanical alter-ego.” A very characteristic Italian name, and a symbol of love and sunshine.

– Margherita Maccapani Missoni


This summer’s exhibition at Svenskt Tenn is a picnic of colours and patterns – a postcard from Italy, signed by Margherita Maccapani Missoni.