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Discover Josef Frank's colourful lampshades

Originally, all of the lampshades were in white fabric but Svenskt Tenn later produced lampshades in Josef Frank’s many different fabrics and in other colourful and floral prints. A number of Svenskt Tenn’s lampshades also come in fabrics in solid colours. Varying the shade on your lamp is an easy way to create a new and individual look.

A new lampshade can give new life to an old lamp, and at the same time affect the whole feeling and mood in the room. At Svenskt Tenn you can find a wide selection of classic fabric lampshades with beautiful designs and a variety of beautiful colours.

The lampshades are available in different designs, with everything from plain lampshades and pleated lampshades in linen and cotton, to hand-sewn variants in finest silk. The lampshades are suitable for Svenskt Tenn's different lamps, but can also be used for lamps from other retailers.

Choose the right lampshade

On Svenskt Tenn's various product pages online it is stated which lampshade that is suitable for which lamp. If you choose a lampshade for another lamp, you should keep the size and fit in mind. Some of Svenskt Tenn's lampshades need an adjustable shade carrier which allows you to raise and lower the lampshade with the help of screws. If you need assistance with choosing the right lampshade, you can contact Svenskt Tenn's Customer Service or the lighting department at the store on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm.

A beautiful glow in every room

Lighting is important for the well-being at home, whether it is to relax in the living room, read a book, sit and work at a desk or create atmospheric lighting at dinner. Different colours on a lampshade can make the light sharper, smoother or darker, and even the colours in the room matter when it comes to the effects of lighting.

Which lamp should I choose?

Josef Frank thought that the key to good lighting in a room is that there should be at least five light sources, and that these should preferably be placed at different heights in the room. It is therefore good to combine a number of different floor lamps and table lamps together with a ceiling lamp. On Svenskt Tenn's lighting inspiration page, there are more tips on how to decorate with lamps.