Frankly Yours, India Mahdavi

Interior from the exhibition Frankly Yours at Strandvägen 5

Exhibited at Strandvägen 5 05.09.2022 – 09.10.2022

The ‘Vegetable Tree’ print brings us back to the root of life: nature in its purest form. The joy I aim to transmit through my projects are well portrayed through the print and its wide range of colours. This exhibition is an exaggeration, where I have placed the fabric all over the walls and furniture. It is a caricature of the space, which allows to perceive it in a different way and to highlight its beauty.

– India Mahdavi

In this autumn’s exhibition on Strandvägen 5, Svenskt Tenn presents the collaboration with one of France's most renowned architects and interior designers, India Mahdavi. With a unique vision and personal expression, she has curated the exhibition both with her own design and with creations from Svenskt Tenn and Josef Frank. Two new pewter objects are also launched in the exhibition, designed by India Mahdavi exclusively for Svenskt Tenn.

Interior from the exhibition Never let the home be fully complete at Strandvägen 5

Mahdavi has been a fan of Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank for many years, often using his fabrics and patterns when creating new interiors. Her exhibition, Frankly Yours, India Mahdavi at Svenskt Tenn, is based on his well-known Vegetable Tree print.

“I love the fact that vegetables grow on a tree here. It gives this fabric a poetic dimension. In the exhibition, I have put the Vegetable Tree all over the walls and the furniture. This allows us to perceive it in a different way and to highlight its beauty.”

Josef Frank’s

Vegetable Tree

“The Vegetable Tree print brings us back to the root of life: nature in its purest form, which I find relevant these days.”

“Colours are the consequence of my memory, of my heritage: my Iranian and Egyptian origins, growing up in the United States in the 60s and living in the South of France. It is a language that I have come to use fluently. As I see it, colours have conversations. They argue and reconcile.”

New arrivals India Mahdavi

In conjunction with the exhibition, Mahdavi has designed a floor lamp based on Josef Frank’s lamp 2326, and two pewter items.

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“The floor lamp is all about exaggeration, with orange colours and a vibrant lampshade. The two pewter items are based on some of my petits objets – sold in my eponymous boutique located on rue Las Cases in Paris. I used two of the signature pieces from my collection and turned them into designs for Svenskt Tenn.”

“They are made in pewter, as a tribute to Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson’s work. At the age of 30, back in 1924, she was already such an example for women: a strong and independent entrepreneur. The whole project honours the history, the origins and the work made by Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank.”