Atmospheric living room

Create a holiday atmosphere in the living room with inspiration from Svenskt Tenn.

This year, the holiday season at Svenskt Tenn is influenced by Asia, something that is also reflected in the living room's interior. Josef Frank’s floor lamp 2599, also called the “China lamp”, is accompanied by mountain silhouettes in the Rox & Fix textile and colourful fantasy flowers in the Mirakel (Miracle) print. A large bouquet of Japanese lanterns adorns on the table – flowers that inspired Sofia Vusir Jansson when she created her Christmas tree pendants for Svenskt Tenn.

A look back The pewter lion

The new, Asian-influenced decorations in the range are combined with historic interior accessories in Svenskt Tenn’s living room. One of them is the pewter lion, designed by Anna Petrus in 1926.

A couple of years before Svenskt Tenn was founded, at an exhibition at Liljevalch’s art gallery in Stockholm in 1922, Anna Petrus had exhibited a gilded mirror with a majestic lion, inspired by old Carthaginian art in Timgad. The lion became a recurring feature in most of the exhibitions of the time and eventually became a sign for Anna Petrus, who incorporated it into everything from brooches and bottle openers to fire grills. For Svenskt Tenn, she created an iconic pewter lion in 1926 – one of the objects that has been part of the range since then.

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Decorate the living room

This year, designer Sofia Vusir Jansson has created hand-folded, magnolia-inspired crepe flowers and small pendants for the Christmas tree. The pendants are made in Josef Frank’s Eldblomman wallpaper, influenced by the flower Japanese Lantern and traditional New Year lanterns.

British designer Sam Wilde has added a collection of brass pendants to the range – flowers that symbolise hope, peace, rebirth, loyalty, and a long life. Japanese Kotone Utsunomiya has in turn designed a series of unique, hand-painted baubles with playful and imaginative patterns.

Light up the living room with candle holders

Spread an atmospheric light in the living room with candle holders from Svenskt Tenn. For this holiday season, designer Gustaf Nordenskiöld has created “Tribun” – a five-armed candlestick in lacquered wood with candle holders in brass. The “Tribune” candlestick brings to mind Japanese lacquerware, but also to art podiums and victory podiums. A candlestick for five candles where the different plateaus create a flowing rhythm and provide light in different levels with a natural variation in height.

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Christmas decorations by Sofia Vusir Jansson

Patterns & materials – Both old & new

By combining a variety of patterns and materials you can create a warm and cosy feeling in the living room. Mix old and new decorations, do not let trends affect you, but decorate the tree with things you like. Wood, textiles, traditional accessories, and innovative combinations can together create a harmonious whole.

Characteristic cushions for the Holidays

Renew your sofa for the holidays with cushions in different patterns, colours, and sizes. By using an uneven number of cushions and avoiding using several with the same print, the expression becomes more vibrant and dynamic. You can also emphasise a colour in a specific print by adding plain-coloured textiles and cushions in the same colour tone. Here follows four inspiring ways to combine cushions in the spirit of Svenskt Tenn.

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