Living Room - Inspiration

Livin room inspiration Svenskt Tenn

“Our homes are never fully finished; throughout our lives we continue building on them.”
- Estrid Ericson

The living room. The place where many spend most time at home. Sometimes content with the environment. Sometimes with a desire to make small or grand changes. Here we have gathered all the inspiration you need to combine styles, collect the things you love and create a beautiful interior: regardless if you want a classic or a contemporary, modern living room interior.

You cannot get enough living room inspiration. Creating a living room interior, means purchasing both furniture like living room chairs, a sofa and the right lighting, but also to decorate with living room curtains, rugs, cushions and other accessories.

How to decorate a living room

By decorating the living room with both furniture, textiles and interior details, you create a cosy interior where you can enjoy everyday life with family and friends. A living room curtain can give your living room a whole new expression, and so can sofa cushions, wallpapers, living room lighting and plant pots. On these pages, Svenskt Tenn has gathered all the inspiration you need for living rooms in different colour combinations and styles. A contemporary, modern living room, a classic interior or timeless expression. Find advise on how to combine furniture and personal items and create exciting contrasts in the interior.

Living room curtains & wallpaper

A living room is changeable and can constantly be renewed with small means. In addition to adding cushions and plant pots to your décor, wallpaper and living room curtains can make a big difference. In Svenskt Tenn's range, there are close to 20 different wallpaper designs for the living room: patterned wallpapers by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson, and single-coloured wallpapers that mirrors Svenskt Tenn's own linen textiles. To find out how many wallpaper rolls you need for your living room, you can use the calculator available on the product pages.

Svenskt Tenn mainly uses Josef Frank's textiles in 100 linen and 315 linen for curtains. When ordering living room curtains, we can offer everything from textiles by the metre to curtain rods and accessories, and we can help you with both sewing and fitting. Find more inspiration about different hangings and fabrics in Svenskt Tenn's Curtain guide.