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Decorate with candles

For dinner parties or unwinding moments on the sofa – candlesticks and candle holders are appreciated decoration details that bring warmth and spread a soft glow in the room. Let the contrasts create a harmonious and personal interior by combining different shapes, sizes, and materials. Below follows inspiration on how to best decorate with candlesticks and candle holders for every occasion.

Iconic Design

Svenskt Tenn's range hold candlesticks and candle holders with a unique history. Here, historic design preserved in the company’s archive since the 1920s, is combined with contemporary classics from the 2020s. Close to one hundred years of timeless elegance that creates a warm and cosy feeling in your home.

Candle Couples

Placed in pairs or on either side of the table. Enhance the table setting by pairing two of the same candlesticks, creating a beautiful framework and bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the interior.

Tall Candlesticks

The tall candle holders all have a long history at Svenskt Tenn as the company’s founder, Estrid Ericson, loved to create decorative table settings with candlesticks. Lighting at the dinner table was something that she was particularly fond of, and in a 1951 radio talk she imparted some main rules for increased wellbeing: “The light should be high enough so as not to shine from below and cast an unflattering light. The flowers should be so low, that you can see the person across the table unhindered.”

Candle holders inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Low Candle Holders

Low candle holders can spread a beautiful and atmospheric glow and become a decorative detail in the interior. Svenskt Tenn's range includes the colourful candle holder “Fusa” in Murano glass, designed by Luca Nichetto, the versatile “Mareld” by Johan Bjurmar and the classic "Klöver" in brass by Sara Szyber.