Svenskt Tenn's dining room by India Mahdavi

Exquisite vegetables in the dining room

I love the fact that vegetables grow on a tree here. It gives this fabric a poetic dimension.

India Mahdavi – Architect & Interior Designer

Eggplant, pepper and pumpkin grow side by side with tomato, pomegranate and pear in Josef Frank's Vegetable Tree print, designed in the 1940s. Despite the impression, it is not wallpaper that you see, but a fabric that French architect and interior designer India Mahdavi has used to cover both furniture and walls in this vibrant dining room. The generous Double Diagonale dining table is her own design, a sculptural piece of furniture made of oak and ceramic, and a pleasant contrast to the lush print.

The P5 Chair – Design by Josef Frank, colour by India Mahdavi

Josef Frank designed several bentwood chairs during the late 1920s, some of which were produced for Thonet Mundus AG in Vienna. Chair P5’s original sketch is preserved in Svenskt Tenn’s archives and has probably never been in production before. Josef Frank believed that a dining chair should be so light that it could be lifted with one finger and easily be moved around in the room. With its openwork back of lathed sticks, Chair P5 gives a light and airy impression.

The orange colour was created by the architect and interior designer India Mahdavi, exclusively in connection with her exhibition Frankly Yours – India Mahdavi at Svenskt Tenn.

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Svenskt Tenn's dining room by India Mahdavi

New arrival

Cabinet 522

Josef Frank designed the fabric-covered cabinet 522 around 1935. For autumn 2022, the cabinet was launched for the first time in Vegetable Tree.

The Vegetable Tree print is a traditional tree of life which has playfully been transformed into a vegetable tree. Today, it adorns furniture, cushions, trays and coasters in Svenskt Tenn's range.

Svenskt Tenn's dining room by India Mahdavi

The ’Marble’ vase and ’Peanut’ plate are two new arrivals in the range. They are two of India Mahdavi’s iconic designs, now created in pewter as a tribute to our founder Estrid Ericson.

An interior that is characterized by patterns and colours can be broken off with pewter vases and accessories.

Peanut plate by India Mahdavi

The ’Peanut’ plate in pewter and brass will look loke a piece of jewellery in your dining room interior. The soft, rounded shapes are timeless and elegant, originally created in walnut by India Mahdavi. The pewter variant is produced exclusively for us at Svenskt Tenn.

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Furnishing the dining room with tray tables is both beautiful and practical. They are perfect as side tables, easy to move around and the trays can be lifted off and used for serving.