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Statement pieces in a bold interior

A dining room set in beech, walnut and mahogany, dark chair seats and furniture that is dark as night. This dining room interior shows several of Svenskt Tenn's statement pieces, with Estrid Ericson’s Peruvian Urn from the 1920s as the crowning glory.

Peruvian Urn

The muted colours and dark woods are mixed with Josef Frank’s expressive prints. The Butterfly linen hangs in the windows – a beautiful, thin linen (100 g/m2 ) that is ideally suited for curtains.

Many of Josef Frank’s floral prints were inspired by nature. Others, such as the Butterfly, were inspired by illustrations from field manuals that he had collected. It was the Butterflies of America and Insects of America books that served as sources of inspiration for this 1940s print, where butterflies, dragonflies and beetles are grouped around small ponds and flowerbeds.

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