Summer table settings by Svenskt Tenn

Set the table for a summer day

Fresh berries on a plate and a steaming cup of coffee in the sun. A refreshing swim, a late lunch and chatting into the wee hours – you can set the table for any occasion on a summer’s day.

Breakfast table setting by Svenskt Tenn

Breakfast in the sun

Hand-painted French porcelain makes breakfast dreamy and sets the mood. We set the table in the sun with cups and saucers from French Gien’s Oiseaux de Paradis set. A blue and white tablecloth in Josef Frank’s La Plata pattern and napkins and flowers in bright colours also contribute to the breakfast table atmosphere.

Breakfast table setting 2022

Table setting details

Bris glasses

Sheer glasses in the colours of the rainbow. Discover all variants in the Bris series.

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Oiseaux de Paradis

Historic and timeless porcelain tableware from French Gien, created around 1865.

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Lunch table setting 2022

Festive Long Lunch

Setting the table for a festive long lunch doesn’t have to be difficult or advanced. Use a tablecloth you have at home, serve fruit on beautiful plates and decorate with an abundance of flowers. Svenskt Tenn’s summer table has been decorated with Josef Frank’s reddish pink Catleya pattern, Estrid Ericson’s classic fish-shaped schnapps flask, and glassware in a variety of shapes and colours.

Schnapps fish

The schnapps flask shaped like a fish adds something extra to the summer’s festive table setting. It was designed by Björn Trägårdh in the 1920s, inspired by Peruvian ceramics from the Ethnographic museum in Stockholm.

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Lunch table setting 2022
Evening table setting 2022

Chatting into the wee hours

Leave the glasses for later. Fill the platters with nibbles and prepare a simple table where you can sit with friends and family and chat into the wee hours.

Evening table setting 2022
Evening table setting 2022