Interior with Navigare from Svenskt Tenn

Navigare Necesse Est

A long-awaited classic is back in Svenskt Tenn’s range. Navigare was designed by Josef Frank in the 1940s, and is one of the ocean-inspired designs amongst our new arrivals this spring.

Navigare necesse est (It is necessary to sail). This is a Latin expression, and Navigare is also the name of Josef Frank’s classic pattern, which is now back in production.

Interior with Navigare from Svenskt Tenn

Josef Frank's Navigare

The Navigare print, depicting nine historical ships, was designed in 1946–48 as a tribute to Estrid Ericson’s husband, Sigfrid Ericson. He was the captain and commander on the Swedish America Line, m/s Gripsholm, where he met Estrid Ericson for the first time. For spring 2023, Svenskt Tenn has recreated a setting from their summer house, Tolvekarna, where Captain Sigfrid Ericson’s four-poster bed was draped with Navigare.

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Historic picture from Svenskt Tenn

Parts of the Tolvekarna summer house were decorated in a maritime style, inspired by Estrid Ericson's husband, Captain Sigfrid Erikson.

Tolvekarna Pot in new colour

“Colour is my language and knowledge. Physics. Psychology. Philosophy. Poetry. Colour is situated between art and science. Colour carries messages, it expresses time, reinforces form and sets the tone. Colour is always present and one of the main pillars in what I create. It enriches my artistry, develops my awareness and gives birth to new ideas.” – Erika Pekkari

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The ocean blue colour reappears in several of this spring’s new items. Among others is Erika Pekkari’s Tolvekarna planter, launched in a new delft blue colour. It also appears on Josef Frank’s classic 2575 table lamp and the Mareld vase designed by Johan Bjurmar in 2021, inspired by memories from the sea.

Vase Mareld

Mareld Vase

Summer evenings in the Stockholm archipelago, hundreds of paper lanterns floating over the sea in Southeast Asia, and the years on Sweden’s west coast when he bathed in the milky seas (mareel), were some of the thoughts that came together when designing the form. Mareld is made at Skrufs glassworks in Småland and can be used as both a candle lantern and a decorative vase.

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Navigare necesse est, vivere non necesse.

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

For spring 2023, several new cushions and fabrics will be launched in the range. In addition to Josef Frank’s Navigare, we are also presenting the latest from fashion designer and creator Lars Nilsson, who designed the Capri collection for Svenskt Tenn in 2018. The Wisteria pattern has now been added to the collection, with painted stripes in blue-green tones, inspired by the flowering wisteria in the garden surrounding Villa San Michele on the island of Capri.

The textiles are produced and printed in Italy, where the collection was also created. It was inspired by the nature, flowers and the graphic patterns formed by the horizon against the Bay of Naples and the dramatic mountains. The airy feeling and light watercolour tones of the collection fit well with the colours and shapes of Josef Frank’s classic designs and furniture.

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Discover Lars Nilsson’s Wisteria – a thin linen fabric with light, blue-green colours.

Rug Vienna by Eva Schildt

Another timeless classic now being launched in a new colour scheme is Eva Schildt’s Vienna rug, inspired by Josef Frank’s birthplace, Vienna. In Svenskt Tenn’s spring 2023 setting, the rug is accompanied by new cushions for the 591 garden chair. The cushions are upholstered in durable, water and stain resistant fabric from Pierre Frey, which is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Interior with Navigare from Svenskt Tenn

The Table Setting

The table setting is adorned with handicrafts from different parts of the world. These include rattan accessories created by a women’s cooperative in Cambodia, wooden cutlery made by local artisans in Morocco, and braided placemats handmade in the Philippines.

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Navigare by Josef Frank

The Navigare pattern has not only been launched on fabric and cushions, but also as placemats. The colourful placemats are sold in a pack of six, with motifs depicting six historical ships: Bucentoro from the 13th century, Bourges from the 14th century, Mayflower from the 17th century, Victory from the 18th century, Savannah from the 19th century and Swedish American Line’s Gripsholm from the 20th century, where Sigfrid Ericson was the captain and commander.

Historic image from Svenskt Tenn

Travelling was Estrid Ericson’s main source of inspiration. She collected corals, shells and stones from flea markets around the world. In London, she had her own “flea man” as she called him, who collected silver and jewellery throughout the year in preparation for her visit. In Paris, she bargained for printed fabrics and French handicrafts from the Porte d’Italie flea market, and bought precious items from the antique shops on rue des Saints-Pères.

Travel with style

It was at a flea market in Paris where Estrid Ericson found a piece of African batik fabric with an elephant pattern that became the model for her well-known Elephant print. It was the only pattern Estrid Ericson created during her career, and for the spring of 2023 a series of bags, toiletry bags and other travel accessories will be launched in the classic print.

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