New Dawn

Finally, it is time to celebrate the return of spring at Svenskt Tenn. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need hope and joy in our lives, and bright times lie ahead. We celebrate by launching five new products, designed by five contemporary designers.

Ever since Svenskt Tenn was founded, we have combined classic and timeless design with modern design. The range has broadened over the years with new products developed through exciting collaborations with architects, artists and designers.

Spring 2022 brings the launch of a sideboard by Eva Schildt, carafes by Frida Fjellman, a dinnerware set by Sara Söderberg, a candle lantern by Peter Nylander and new fabric prints by Jean-Baptiste Lescudé, among other things.

Svenskt Tenn's range is special in that new, modern products are combined with classic design from the 1920s and onwards. In these summery interiors, the spring launches have been placed in environments together with Josef Frank's timeless rugs and furniture.

Did you miss the digital launch and opening event of New Dawn? Here you can see the full webcast from the store on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm.

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Frida Fjellman

Carafe Rök

For the first time, Frida Fjellman, whose designs were previously often turned in wood, has produced a design entirely in glass: A table sculpture to use as a vase or carafe.

An attempt to capture the glass in motion, to depict how it appears in its warm form. Irregularity that has been created with the help of blow moulding. The result is a carafe that is a play on baroque and rococo. It visualises the possibility of drawing out, of compressing. Dare to exaggerate and go all out.

For the first time, this design, which has previously been turned in wood, has been produced entirely in glass. The table sculpture by Frida Fjellman, to use as a vase or carafe, is designed to add something rather than blend into a table setting. The cork is inspired by rising smoke (a smoke signal) and is a nod to communication and conversation at the dinner table.

Carafe Rök

Eva Schildt

Sideboard Kvintett

The ‘Kvintett’ (Quintet) Sideboard is a glass cabinet in a modern style, inspired by old glass verandas. The design was named after the five glass colours.

A symphony of warm grey, deep red, dusky blue, orange and aqua. A quintet of colours that create harmony and together form the very essence of the furniture. It all began with the colours. With the idea of creating a glass cabinet in a modern style, inspired by old glass verandas and the three-dimensional glass sculptures of visual artist Eric H. Olson.

The Kvintett (Quintet) sideboard’s name comes from the five colours of its glass: a warm, grey colour, deep red, blue, orange and aqua. The colours and the idea to create a modern glass cabinet inspired by old glass verandas became the starting point for designer Eva Schildt.

Candle Holder Lux

Light is, not surprisingly, the focus of Peter Nylander’s candle lantern “Lux”. The lantern is named after the Latin word for light, and the carefully selected materials spread an atmospheric, warm glow from the lighted candle in its centre. The intention is to use it for bright moments in life when loved ones meet: on the table, in the seating area, on the patio, in the dining area or in the living room.

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Working with basic shapes in different variations creates designs that last over time. The lantern came about naturally, as a combination of cylinders and spheres with harmonising proportions, feel and practicality. The glass is a nod to older, optically blown objects with the refraction of light and the resulting play of light.


Pattern Persephone

The dotted pattern Persephone on tablecloths and napkins is named after the Greek goddess associated with the return of spring. Designed by Jean-Baptiste Lescudé.

Persephone Fabric Pattern

As an architect, the design of objects and furniture must be done with a transversal approach. When working on this fabric, the idea was to evoke the world of plants, which is so characteristic of Josef Frank’s work. The form emerged from an abstract spectrum, where I systematically painted a dab of colour with watercolours by playing with the angle and the pressure of the brush on the paper.

This collection is named after the Greek goddess Persephone, who is associated with the return of spring. The abstract pattern features an interpretation of petals, buds, leaves and seeds, depicting all the signs of spring. The colours vary, giving us a feeling of flowering vegetation and all that the season has to offer.

Persephone Fabric Pattern
Gryning Dinnerware

Sara Söderberg

Gryning Dinnerware

The ‘Gryning’ (Dawn) tableware by Sara Söderberg ware has been created for the first meal of the day: a plate, a bowl and a cup and saucer – meant for coffee and tea.

It’s fascinating how a cup on a saucer or a colour-coordinated linen napkin can transform something ordinary into a ceremonial moment. For Estrid Ericson it was a way of expressing herself artistically and an opportunity to gather together her collection of objects, textiles and colours into imaginative compositions. The dinnerware set was created with one of her poetically laid tables in mind.

Combine with classics

by Josef Frank


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Chair 2025

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A planned, schematic colour scheme makes the room rigid and incapable of receiving a new colour. Suppose we suddenly fall for a painting which does not match the curtains!

– Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson

Both Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson were of the opinion that it does not matter if different colours match or not. Dare to mix! The most important thing is to choose colours and objects that you like and let the interior form over time.