The Holiday Season at Svenskt Tenn

The red circle. A rising sun. The round symbol in the middle of the Japanese flag, Chinese paper art, floating New Year's lanterns and knotted magnolia have all influenced this year's holiday season at Svenskt Tenn.

This year, the holiday season at Svenskt Tenn bears Asian influences. Like the architect and designer Josef Frank, who so often found inspiration in the nature and culture of Asian countries, both new designs and decorations have been influenced by such elements this year. This is shown, among other things, in the new baubles created by Japanese designer Kotone Utsunomiya, in the pendants designed by Sofia Vusir Jansson and in the lacquered candlesticks which have been launched in the range.


“When I designed the baubles in the “Story of Flowers” collection, I wanted to give life to the textile print with that I designed for Svenskt Tenn in 2018. The colour palette is inspired by Josef Frank's textiles “Rox & Fix” “Tehran” and “Mirakel” – prints that radiate a powerful energy. In several of his motifs, I feel that the plants appear to be in conversation with one another, and I fantasise about each flower’s unique history.”

Kotone Utsunomiya is a Japanese artist, illustrator and picture book writer specialized in handmade techniques such as lithography, colour pencil and batik work. She collaborated with Svenskt Tenn for the first time in 2018, when she was part of the exhibition Ten Textile Talents on Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm. Back then, she created the “Story of Flowers” pattern as an homage to Josef Frank “Mirakel” (Miracle) print. Now, for this holiday season, the flowers from the motif have been transformed into baubles for the Christmas tree. Here, Kotone talks about the inspiration behind her art and the spirited illustrations.

“For me, art is the proof of human existence. Because only humans can create art, and even if the artist dies, the artwork can stay around for much longer. This is how we can learn about people who lived in ancient eras, a long time ago. How they spent their time and what they experienced – what was the most important thing for them in that era. In this way, art stretches beyond time.”

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The red circle in the Japanese flag is a symbol of the sun, and this holiday season, the symbol has formed the basis for Svenskt Tenn’s emblem. At the same time, the circle runs like a common thread through decorations as well as historical design at Svenskt Tenn.

Josef Frank also had a fondness for the round shape. It recurred constantly, both in the windows of his architectural works and in his furniture design.

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The table is laden with glittering decorations and the tree is dressed in handmade baubles, shimmering brass pendants and delicate paper flowers.


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Living Room

Josef Frank’s floor lamp 2599, also called the “China lamp”, is accompanied by mountain silhouettes in the Rox & Fix textile and colourful fantasy flowers in the Mirakel (Miracle) print.

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Table Setting

This holiday season, Svenskt Tenn sets the table with a combination of traditional and innovative elements. A checkered tablecloth, designed by the artist Evelina Kroon is in focus.

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Svenskt Tenn has a long tradition of celebrating festivities, and over the years, some of Josef Frank’s designs have come to be associated with the holiday season.

The Christmas stockings with some of his most classic prints, the Hortus plant pot in ruby red glass and the twelve-armed candelabra are some of Josef Frank's items that are only sold during the holidays at Svenskt Tenn.

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