A Mix of Colour, Materials and Prints In The Living room

Brass has long been a popular material in many homes and interiors. And although it is a beautiful material, it can be exciting to break up the golden tones with other materials and finishes. For those of you who haven't discovered pewter, there's a whole world to explore.

The material is timeless and elegant. It is a beautiful contrast to both wood and colourful interiors, and it is slightly warmer in colour than, for example, silver-plated brass. At Svenskt Tenn there are candle holders, vases, boxes and other pewter accessories, some of which have been part of the range since the 1920s.

Pewter vases
Living room inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Stools in different colours and shapes are ideal furniture pieces, which clearly should be included in a flexible and free interior according to Josef Frank. They are beautiful to look at, convenient to move around and comfortable to sit on. Josef Frank also felt that the smaller format of a stool could allow for a strong element of design without compromising an overall look, thoughts that are still present at Svenskt Tenn to this day.

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Coffee Table 2139

Josef Frank was fond of the round shape. It is seen in many of his designs, both in the windows in his architectural works and in furniture pieces like mirrors and tables. In coffee table 2139, he combines the round shape with his characteristic rim. The table’s foot design originates from the Queen Anne style that prevailed in England during the first part of the 18th century. The three legs are tapering downwards, giving it an airy impression that is enhanced by the top "waist".

It was characteristic of Josef Frank to mix different materials, and by making the tabletop in Elm root and the rim and legs in walnut, he wanted to create a vivid expression. Coffee table 2139 was designed for Svenskt Tenn in 1952.

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