Summer flower inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

Inspiration for summer flowers

Things are the at their best when they are personal. This summer we combine the classic Hortus pot with blooming Bougainvillea, everlasting flowers in Italian drinking glasses and an abundance of marguerites, daisies and chamomile in glass vases and pewter pots.

The Fantasia and Goto glasses are made by Laguna B in Italy. Since Marie Brandolini started the company in 1994, Laguna~B has played an active role in shaping the contemporary glassware scene through its fostering of research and creativity. Today, they seek to reimagine the table as a lively, playful, and convivial environment.

Summer flower inspiration from Svenskt Tenn

The picture above is part of Svenskt Tenn’s historical archives, probably portraying one of Estrid Ericson’s flower arrangements.

Nils Fougstedt was one of the first artists to design pewter accessories for Svenskt Tenn. He created this beautiful vase in 1929-1930, in a design typical of the period.

“Use what you have at home” is advice that can never be given too often. Broaden the scope for what can be used as a vase and experiment with drinking glasses, wine glasses and candle lanterns for summer bouquets.

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The Fantasia and Goto glasses are new to Svenskt Tenn’s range. They are manufactured in Murano and can be used both as drinking glasses and as vases.

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