Living room with wood in focus

In the spring living room, we are inspired by Josef Frank's love of wood. He created almost all his furniture in wood, and often mixed different types of wood in one design. Rugs, fabrics, plants and other interior details add colour in the interior.

Living room with wood in focus

The coffee table 1057 leads us to believe that someone has picked up a wooden board directly from nature and then placed it on a leg stand. But do not be fooled – the seemingly random elements are carefully thought out. To create an exciting expression, Josef Frank chose to mix elm root and walnut. A pewter vase along with colourful flowers make a beautiful contrast against the tabletop.

Since its inception in 1924, Svenskt Tenn has collaborated with carefully selected designers, and the combination of classic and modern design makes the range unique. In spring 2022, several new products were added to the range, including the Rök (Smoke) Carafe by Frida Kjellman and the Kvintett (Quintett) Cabinet by Eva Schildt.

Living room with wood in focus

An attempt to capture the glass in motion, to depict how it appears in its warm form. Irregularity that has been created with the help of blow moulding. The result is a carafe that is a play on baroque and rococo. It visualises the possibility of drawing out, of compressing. Dare to exaggerate and go all out.

– Frida Fjellman

For the first time, this design, which has previously been turned in wood, has been produced entirely in glass. The table sculpture by Frida Fjellman, to use as a vase or carafe, is designed to add something rather than blend into a table setting.

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A symphony of warm grey, deep red, dusky blue, orange and aqua. A quintet of colours that create harmony and together form the very essence of the furniture. It all began with the colours. With the idea of creating a glass cabinet in a modern style, inspired by old glass verandas and the three-dimensional glass sculptures of visual artist Eric H. Olson.

– Eva Schildt

Living room with wood in focus

The Kvintett (Quintet) sideboard’s name comes from the five colours of its glass: a warm, grey colour, deep red, blue, orange and aqua. The colours and the idea to create a modern glass cabinet inspired by old glass verandas became the starting point for designer Eva Schildt.

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