A Christmas for all senses Decorate the living room

Treasure things that make you joyful this Christmas: fragrant flowers, atmospheric music, patterns, colours and a motley mix of old and new. Surround yourself with things that create well-being and make your home the cosiest place to be in.

A new addition to Svenskt Tenn's range this year is Josef Frank's classic Hortus Pot in a warm, golden amber colour. The first colours that Estrid Ericson had made in glass in 1942 were ruby red, emerald green and deep blue. Since then, these colours have been preserved in the range together with a variant in clear glass. The deep red colour is traditionally sold only during Christmas.

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Christmas 2020 inspiration living room Svenskt Tenn

There are many ways to decorate with cushions and textiles for Christmas. Mix different patterns, colours and sizes. By using an uneven number of cushions and avoiding using several with the same print, the expression becomes more vibrant and dynamic. You can also emphasize a colour in a specific print by adding plain-coloured textiles and cushions in the same colour tone.

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Advent Star Lamp Mirakel Red Josef Frank Svenskt Tenn

Shimmering Advent Stars

Svenskt Tenn's Advent Star Lamps were launched for the first time for Christmas 2019, with beautiful Josef Frank prints. They are made entirely by hand in Stockholm, Sweden, in the same way as the lampshades in the range. The star provides a soft, atmospheric light, and this year, it is also sold in the new, red colourway on the classic Mirakel print, designed by Josef Frank in the late 1920s.

Mirakel is inspired by the visionary William Morris' pattern design, adorned with large-scale fantasy flowers, winding lianas and a sea of dots. Josef Frank himself allegedly said that it feels like a miracle that such a small report could give rise to something so magnificent.