Cosy home office full of details

In a time when more and more people work from home, you may need a special space dedicated for tranquillity and concentration. The key is to let the workspace be cosy and homely, and to surround yourself with things that you like. With comfortable seating areas, good lighting, books and details, you will awaken both inspiration and motivation.

Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson, just like the architect and designer Josef Frank, was inspired by the ancient world of Rome and Greece. Etruscan bronze necklaces, Greek frescoes and Roman tear bottles were often placed in unexpected contexts or used as models for products and new designs. The shape of the heavy cast iron book ends for example, comes from A and Ω, the first and the last letter of the Ionic Greek alphabet.

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Workspace office inspiration 2020 Svenskt Tenn

A rug is another way to make the home office cosier. It not only becomes part of the interior, but also has a sound-absorbing effect. One of Josef Frank's most characteristic rugs is number 7, which is also called "Odjuret” (The Beast). It was one of the rugs that he designed in the 1930s, as a substitute for real animal skins. Josef Frank did not like hunting, and he believed that animals and flowers should not be trampled upon. Instead, one should place their feet on abstract motifs, paved terraces, and possibly, beasts.

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Armchair 789 - A diverse furniture piece

In Obs! Magazine in 1954, Josef Frank wrote:
“Anyone who considers a chair to be seating furniture only to sit on will always sit uncomfortably. You sit on a chair to do something else, to work or eat at a table, and you leave the chair as soon as you can. A chair is comfortable for its purpose if you do not get tired too fast, that is if the chair adapts to all the positions you want to sit in. Personally, I never sit on a chair, which is designed for one single position. I want the opportunity to sit in different ways at different occasions and at different times of the day.”

Something that Josef Frank particularly disliked were chairs with square seats, straight backs and armrests. Armchair 789 in mahogany is the opposite of this. Its rounded, openwork back is created in accordance with the idea of not adding delimiting obstacles and walls into the interior, but instead keeping it light and airy. The form is typical of the early Victorian era and is commonly referred to as a "Captain's chair" in England. Today, the chair is manufactured at Gemla, Sweden's oldest furniture factory.

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