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Josef Frank
“A chair should be light enough to lift with just a finger.”

Chair 2025 – Since 1925

For Josef Frank, the most important aspects when designing chairs were lightness, a transparent back and an organic form. We see proof of all of this in the classic 2025 dining room chair, designed by Josef Frank for his company Haus und Garten in Vienna in 1925.

Josef Frank was inspired by the material world of East Asia and made use of rattan, bamboo and other materials, which recur in a number of his designs. It is not only the Oriental accents that are typical of Josef Frank’s choice of material, but also the light weight. He believed that a dining chair should be light enough to lift with just a finger and that the user should be able to easily place and move the chair around the room. Chair 2025 has a latticed back so it doesn’t affect a room by putting up extra dividing barriers. Instead the chair makes a room feel spacious.

Josef Frank wrote about the design of the chairs in Obs! Magazine in 1954: “Anyone who sees a chair simply as a piece of furniture to sit on, will always sit uncomfortably. […] I personally never sit on a chair that is designed for just one position. I want the possibility of sitting in different ways for different occasions and at different times of the day.”

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