Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer

A personal aesthetic and playfulness that culminates in timeless and colourful form. Belgian artist and designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer is drawn to nature and sees inspiration everywhere: in gardens, museums, fashion, and historical interiors. But he needs to empty his mind to be creative.

– Inspiration comes when you are open to it. When there is a space for it to fill. It isn’t good to be busy all the time, for example scrolling on the phone. You see far too much, while seeing nothing at all. It prevents the mind from being empty, and emptiness is exactly what you need for inspiration to come.

Jean-Philippe is known for his creative, playful and colourful textile designs, often pieced together layer by layer through patchwork, and with his characteristic features, such as fringes, flowers and eyes. For Svenskt Tenn, he has created a tray, a patterned cushion and a unique collection of textile art made with fabric remnants from Svenskt Tenn’s production.

To work with upcycling, and use something old to create something new and unique, is appealing to Jean-Philippe in several senses. The environment and nature are important, and Jean-Philippe emphasises long-term thinking in both creation and consumption.

– It is so important that we preserve our environment - that we always think long-term and strive to have everything that we create and buy last for a long time. Timelessness and classics are part of the future and I think we should always decorate for a lifetime, not just for a couple of years to come. Both consumers and companies should take that approach.

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