Mimmi Blomqvist

I am inspired by homes. Both my own and others. Where the need for everyday items comes together with the love of beautiful things.

Svenskt Tenn has a long tradition of supporting small-scale handicrafts. We have been working with contemporary designers and talented recent graduates for decades. The latest collaboration is with artist and designer Mimmi Blomqvist, and her Sirkka interior design collection will be the first one presented in 2023.

I am inspired by homes, both my own and those of others, but also by the organic forms in nature and the soft designs that I encountered while growing up.

Homes, both her own and those of others, are Mimmi Blomqvist’s main source of inspiration. Together with her love of soft, sculptural forms, this constitutes the basis for her distinctive designs.

Sirkka is my Finnish grandmother who I spent a lot of time with growing up. She is such a big part of me, and I want to pay tribute to her through this collection.

The collection includes a ceiling lamp and a stool, designed to be both practical and beautiful elements in interiors. All elements fit together both in design and expression, with all of the products created based on a soft, mushroom-like form. The name comes from Blomqvist’s paternal grandmother’s name.

The Sirkka collection also includes two bowls in different sizes, with the smaller one for dessert or breakfast and the larger one for salads and fruit.

“The original bowl is made of porcelain and the shape has become a favourite at home. Glass adds elegance and another dimension to a form that I love,” says Blomqvist.

Sirkka Lamp

“The entire collection was developed and designed to fill gaps in my own home. I was in need of a ceiling lamp to hang above the dining table and wanted one that gives off a pleasant light without being blinding. Even when it’s shut off, it’s like a piece of jewellery with its beautiful opal glass and shiny brass,” says Blomqvist.

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Mimmi Blomqvist

Sirkka Bowls

Glass bowls designed for desserts, salads and fruit.

Sirkka Stool

The Sirkka stool is both practical and beautiful with its soft, mushroom-like form. It is made of ash wood, with a weightiness and design that make it both stable and eye-catching. The stool can be placed as a sculpture next to the coffee table or used as a functional seat in the living room.

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