Per Öberg

Designer Per Öberg

Architect Per Öberg was educated at Lund University in 1974–1979. After several internships he began working at the Tengbom architectural firm, before founding Per Öberg Architects AB in 1983. He has created environments in the Liljevalchs art gallery, at the Grand Hotel and at Sturebadet in Stockholm, among others.

For Svenskt Tenn, Per Öberg has created three iron coffe tables. The round shape of the first coffee table, designed in 2000, gives a light impression, while the material gives it weight and a quality feeling. The tabletop rests on a stand inspired by antiquity’s meander form.

Per Öberg designed the Nizza coffee table in 2018, as is a further development on a table he designed for his private apartment in Nice. His inspiration came from the wrought-iron furniture typically found in the south of France. Nizza’s glass cabinet form is in the spirit of Estrid Ericson, with trays that pull out and glass for display. The legs, with their brass paws, enclose the glass shelf in the same way as in furniture designed by Josef Frank.

The newly launched Cap d'Antibes table is a square variant of "Nizza", created with Villa Mabrouka on Cap d'Antibes in mind. The villa from the 30s was renovated, rebuilt, and furnished under the leadership of Per Öberg during 2019 – 2021.