”Materials invertuals”

Material Invertuals Intro - Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn exhibited ”Materials invertuals” 13.10.16 – 23.10.16

Form student Elina Johansson from Beckman’s College of Design has been awarded the Svenskt Tenn’s Design Scholarship 2016 for her thesis "Materials Invertuals". Elina develops new materials from recycled coffee grounds and dried cellulose from Kombucha tea. The results are now shown at Svenskt Tenn’s store on Strandvägen in Stockholm until October 23rd.

Material Invertuals Bild 2 - Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn’s Design Grant is awarded to a graduate of Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm for the third time. Sustainable thinking weighs more heavily for each year, something that becomes clear in the choice of this year’s grant holder Elina Johansson.

In her thesis, she has developed materials from renewable sources. The stool’s seat cushion – which appears to be manufactured of leather – is made of dried and dyed cellulose from Kombucha: a cooled and fermented sweet tea. The table top, seemingly of lacquered wood, is composed of coffee grounds bound together with a plant-based bio resin. Instead of wood glue, fish glue has been used to join to-gether the various parts.