Easter table setting 2022 by Svenskt Tenn.

Easter Table Setting

Easter is finally around the corner, and we are welcoming it with open arms - with the most perfect easter table. Combine different collections and use Easter decorations in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to bring a true holiday spirit to your home.

A selection of drinking glasses by Svenskt Tenn.
Table setting by Svenskt Tenn.
Historic pictures from Svenskt Tenn's Easter table settings

In retrospect

Estrid Ericson loved to arrange creative table settings with playful decorations and flower arrangements in vivid colours. The above images portray one table cloth with Josef Frank's floral print 'Mille Fleurs', the French translation for 'A Thousand Flowers', and one with the popular print "Gripsholmsruta", designed by Margit Thorén and Estrid Ericson. The candle holders with birds were designed by Helga Henschen for Svenskt Tenn in the mid-1900s, but are no longer part of the range.

Easter table setting by Svenskt Tenn.

Chrysantemum & Serpentine

Chrysantemum is a new woodblock-print on a soft fabric adorned with beautiful flowers. The textile is printed by hand by a small, family-owned company in Jaipur, India.

Among the new additions is Serpentine, designed by Natasia Wadsted for Svenskt Tenn, with inspiration from Josef Frank's iconic print Mille Fleurs.

Easter tablecloths

A colourful tablecloth is a wonderful start towards the perfect easter table setting. Svenskt Tenn has a wide selection of tablecloths in a variety of colours and patterns, ideal for both everyday use and special occasions during the holiday. Accentuate the colours of the fabric with bouquets, plant pots and porcelain in similar tones.

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