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    Josef Frank
    Silver plated
    Height 36 cm
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    This silver plated candle holder is an early example of how nature and organic forms inspired Josef Frank. From a clover form on the base, Josef Frank has merged three delicate columns, each one carrying a candle cup.


    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank
    Josef Frank

    Josef Frank grew up in Vienna and studied architecture at Konstgewerbeschule. In the 1920s he designed housing estates and large residential blocks built around common courtyards in a Vienna with severe housing shortages. In 1925 he started the Haus & Garten interior firm together with architect colleagues Oskar Wlach and Walther Sobotka. Svenskt Tenn hired Josef Frank in 1934 and just a few years later he and Estrid Ericson made their international breakthrough. Although he was already 50 when he left the burgeoning Nazism in Vienna for Sweden, Frank is considered one of Sweden’s most important designers. Read more

  • Care instructions

    Silver is a natural material that reacts when it comes in contact with air, resulting in oxidation. The speed in which oxidation takes place depends on, for example, humidity. Surfaces change over time; Shiny surfaces become somewhat duller while duller surfaces can get shinier.

    Clean the surface with a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning we recommend a gentle, non-abrasive polish. Avoid using brushes, steel wool and the like. Also avoid lengthy contact with oxides that can cause permanent damage. To avoid water damage, keep surfaces dry with a soft cloth.

    All of Svenskt Tenn’s silver candlesticks are made of silver-plated solid brass. This means that the candlesticks should be carefully polished and exposed to as little mechanical wear as possible. The thickness of the silver-plating is affected with each polishing.

    Never leave candles unattended and make sure to blow them out before they reach the candle holder. Keep in mind that some surfaces may be extra sensitive to heat. Take extra caution if you are unsure of the qualities of the table top.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing


    Silver Plated Brass

    Brass comprises 65% copper and 35% zinc. It has long been called “poor man’s gold”. A large part of Svenskt Tenn’s brass products are manufactured at Humstorp Metall in Västergötland, largely from recycled brass. At Humstorp, they are constantly working on choosing the most environmentally friendly alternatives when purchasing. Waste is minimised throughout the manufacturing process and any waste metal that nevertheless occurs is sent to recycling. Furthermore, an independent solar power facility provides approximately 40% of the workshop’s electricity consumption.

    This is how the Clover Candle Holder is produced

    A large part of Svenskt Tenn’s pewter and brass range is produced by Humstorp Metall; these are products that require a meticulous approach and great craftsmanship.

    When the Clover candle holder takes shape, the manufacturing process begins with brass poles. They are delivered in lengths of four meters and therefore must be cut, drilled and threaded before being bent to the correct shape. The prepared branches and the candlestick are joined together through silver soldering before the merged candle holder is polished – work carried out by two people simultaneously. The candle holder is then polished by hand in order to reach all angles.

    The candlestick is pressed out of brass sheet and the bottom, which is in the shape of a cloverleaf, is turned from a brass pole. After turning, the bottom sheet is ground in several stages and polished to achieve a fine surface. After that, it’s time for quality inspection. The surface of the silvered brass variety of the candle holder is finally treated with a silver coating.

    Once all details are inspected and approved, the candle holders are assembled and packaged. The entire company of eight people is involved in different stages of the production process.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Candle Holder Clover Height 36 cm, Silver plated

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