Candle holder/ Vase Mareld - Height 19 cm, Glass, Green, Johan Bjurmar | Svenskt Tenn

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    Johan Bjurmar
    Height 19 cm
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    Designer Johan Bjurmar was inspired by memories from the sea when he created this candle holder/vase for Svenskt Tenn. Summer evenings in the Stockholm archipelago, hundreds of paper lanterns hovering over the sea in Southeast Asia and the years on the west coast as he bathed in milky seas (Mareld) were some of the thoughts that were merged in the design. "Mareld" is made at Skrufs glassworks in Småland, Sweden, and comes in three different colours: clear glass, green and amber. It can be used as a candle holder as well as a decorative, small vase. 


    Johan Bjurmar

    Johan Bjurmar

    Johan Bjurmar studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands before graduating from his education in Ceramics & Glass at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2018. When creating, he works broadly, inspired by everything from materials and methods to memories and stories. His designs have been shown at Dutch Design Week and The Glass Factory at Boda Glasbruk in Sweden. Today he works as a designer and artist while studying architecture in Denmark.

  • Care instructions

    Never leave candles unattended and make sure to blow them out before they reach the candle holder. Keep in mind that some surfaces may be extra sensitive to heat. Take extra caution if you are unsure of the qualities of the table top.

    Keep in mind that humidity can damage table tops and other surfaces. Wipe the vase dry immediately after filling it with water, and always keep it dry to reduce the need for polishing.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    Svenskt Tenn cares about the environment and sustainability, and the classic glass items in its range are no exception. When Skruf Glassworks in Småland produces glass items for Svenskt Tenn, it uses lead-free glass pellets that are mixed with approximately 30 per cent shards, the broken glass leftovers from manufacturing. The pellets come from Emmaboda, which is about 20 kilometres from the glassworks. Skruf uses an electric furnace, powered only with electricity from water and wind power. Waste, such as corrugated board and other combustibles, are sorted and sent for recycling. Any broken glass that is not used by the glassworks is sold to glass studios, which means that almost all of the glass is recycled. The premises themselves are heated with the help of wood pellets.

    Purchasing Swedish glass cuts down on transport distances, helping to avoid a heavy climate impact, and by producing timeless products of high quality and a long service life, we are taking efforts not to waste the earth’s resources. Classic glass objects are rarely thrown away. Instead, they are preserved throughout the years and can be resold or passed down as gifts to the next generation.

    Glass from Skruf

    Glass from Skruf requires enormous precision of the glass blower, correct glass mass and right temperature. In the manufacturing process, there are always at least two people involved. The first step is to collect glass from the oven and form a small glass ball; a so-called "post". To this post you add some more glass mass until it is large and stable enough to carry the mass needed to blow the object. The hot glass mass is released into a graphite mould while the craftsman gently blows it into its right shape. After that, the glass is cooled in a refrigerator from 500 down to 35 degrees. This procedure takes about four and a half hours. Finally, the top is removed, and the edge polished to a smooth surface.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Candle holder/ Vase Mareld Height 19 cm, Glass, Green

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