Sam Wilde

Designer Sam Wilde

“In homage to Josef Frank’s design philosophy of ‘bringing the outside in’, this festive season, adorn your Christmas tree and decorate your home with handcrafted brass flower ornaments. These botanical decorations include the Daffodil, Lavender, Lily, Passion Flower, Sunflower and Wisteria, and I designed each flower to represent the virtues of hope, peace, rebirth, values, loyalty and longevity respectively.”

Designer Sam Wilde positions his practice at the intersection of visual art and surface design, and is best known for visual storytelling through his bold repeat pattern work. Marrying a background in science with a masters in Printed Textiles from the Royal College of Art in London, has leveraged Sam with the skill set to pioneer a brand-new approach to surface creation.

Demonstrating outstanding skills and artistry, Sam was awarded TexSelect 2018 and spotlighted as part of this generation's leading new designers. Having produced works for a number of reputable brands, including Apple, Svenskt Tenn, and the National Trust. Sam is now focused on establishing his signature world-building approach through his creative practice and collective brand Vespertine. Outside of his studio work, Sam Wilde is an active creative consultant, product designer and university lecturer.