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Svenskt Tenn continually updates its product range with a variety of new items – new furniture, vases, candleholders, cushions, accessories and much more. Some of the new items have been created by talented contemporary designers, while other new items have been launched based on sketches and models from Svenskt Tenn’s archive.

Collaborations with contemporary designers

In Estrid Ericson’s day, Svenskt Tenn was described as a “constantly changing stage” and even today the company continues to live up to that description. By partnering with some the most talented designers of our time, Svenskt Tenn ensures that the product range continues to be contemporary. The company has worked with Carina Seth Andersson, Lars Nilsson, Ingegerd Råman, Michael Anastassiades, Per Öberg, Sebastian Schildt and many others. These designers have created everything from vases and table items to furniture and lighting for Svenskt Tenn.

Latest additions from the archive

Svenskt Tenn’s archive contains models and sketches of prints, furniture, vases, candlesticks, pewter objects and accessories created by designer Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson. To conserve and manage their heritage and to have a range that holds over time, Svenskt Tenn doesn’t launch everything all at once and not all of the prints are available at the same time.

Every year, new items are selected from the archive. It may involve products that have never before been in production, or products that are being re-launched after lying dormant for a time. What all of these objects share in common is their timelessness, making them as relevant today as when they were first created.

Upcoming launches

Keep an eye on Svenskt Tenn’s website to keep track of the latest news in the range. By subscribing to Svenskt Tenn’s newsletter, you will be the first to receive information on new products and launches. Register your email address in the form at the bottom of the webpage to start subscribing.

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