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Svenskt Tenn is a high quality Interior Design Company established in Sweden 1924.

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    Cosi Tabellini
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    Making dishes, plates and bowls in pewter and porcelain date far back in time. Already in the 900s people began using pewter to create functional everyday objects and in the 1600s it became increasingly common to use engraved pewter for fancier table settings. This pewter and porcelain serving plate was made by the small, family-owned company Cosi Tabellini, founded in 1954 in the Italian city of Brescia.


    Cosi Tabellini

  • Care instructions

    Pewter is a soft material that requires careful treatment. We recommend using cotton gloves when handling pewter. Objects that are not being used can be stored in a plastic or felt bag to avoid scratching.

    It is generally recommended to avoid using polish on pewter, since it can cause scratches. To remove fingerprints and other stains, rinse the pewter in warm water with a small amount of dish detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. For more advanced cleaning of pewter objects we recommend a professional restorer, for example, KA Johnsson in Stockholm.

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    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Serving Platter with Rim Porcelain

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