Svenskt Tenn supports Solvatten

Since 1975, Svenskt Tenn is owned by the Kjell and Märta Beijer foundation, which donates all surplus to research and education within primarily ecology, environmental research, genetics, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. Svenskt Tenn recently began a new collaboration to support Solvatten – a Swedish innovation that purifies water with the use of sunlight.

“For us, it is always important to support projects that share our vision of a sustainable future, something that Solvatten is doing on many levels,” says Maria Veerasamy, CEO at Svenskt Tenn. “Furthermore, Svenskt Tenn and Solvatten are both founded and run by women. It is therefore close to heart to support a project that in the long run also strengthens the role of women in the family and society.”

Solvatten Svenskt Tenn

It Starts With Clean Water

Clean water is fundamental for survival, but a scarce commodity for over two billion people in the world. The lack of clean water and good hygiene are primary reasons for child mortality and constitutes for about 80% of diseases in developing countries. After meeting several women living in misery due to the lack of clean water, Swedish Petra Wadström decided she wanted to help, and the idea behind Solvatten was born. With the help of sunlight, she created an environmentally friendly water treatment system that cleans and heats water, leading to improved health and hygiene in the developing world. Today, Solvatten collaborates with the UN and local help organizations to help 400 000 people in 40 countries.

Solvatten Svenskt Tenn

The Ripple Effect

Purifying water is often expensive, heavy and time consuming. In many cases, wood and charcoal is used, leading to a loss of natural resources. Furthermore, smoke inhalation and burn injuries lead to difficult and lifelong suffering. It is estimated that four million people die each year from illnesses caused by air pollution from cooking over an open fire. Solvatten’s solution makes a difference on many levels. In the long run, it also strengthens the role of women in the home and society, as purifying water with sunlight saves time and energy that can be spent on other activities.

Solvatten Svenskt Tenn

Environmental Hero of the Year

During 2020, Petra Wadström was awarded for her innovation during the Swedish Heroes Awards. Each module can produce 40 liters of clean water per day, 6 000 liters per year and 50 000 liters per lifespan. The support from Svenskt Tenn will primarily go to Uganda, where hundreds of families and refugees in under-served communities will be provided with clean water and new possibilities in life.

“It is inspiring and we are proud to be collaborating with Svenskt Tenn. Together we can make a difference around the world where Solvatten is needed the most” – Petra Wadström, CEO and Founder at Solvatten.