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Discover beautiful upholstery fabrics

Svenskt Tenn’s fabrics by the metre come in cotton and linen in a wide range of expressive prints, beautiful flowers and bold colours. In our online fabric department there are fabrics in solid coloured linen, classic prints by GB & J Baker, and beautiful prints by Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank in upholstery fabric and curtain fabric. There are also fabrics with prints created by contemporary designers.

Upholstery fabric for various applications

Svenskt Tenn’s fabric is available in various thread counts: 100, 315 or 450 linen. These designations give an indication of how each fabric can be applied.
The 100 thread count designation indicates that the fabric is a thin, airy linen that is primarily suited to work beautifully as curtains. 315 linen has a wide range of applications and can be used both as curtains or sewn up into other textile products. These fabrics can also be used as upholstery fabric on furniture that is not exposed to extensive wear. Covering a stool or a sofa in your home with 350 linen, for example, are a couple of the ways that this fabric can be used in your interiors.
Finally, there are fabrics with a 450 linen designation. These fabrics are sturdier than 315 linen and also extra durable. They are therefore well suited for use as upholstery fabric both in private homes and public spaces.

Printing upholstery fabric with screen printing

Svenskt Tenn’s fabrics are sold by the metre and screen printed. It is a unique, time-consuming printing process that requires both knowledge and experience. This special handicraft technique produces a final result that is characterised by strong colours and high quality, while at the same time giving the fabric’s print a beautiful and vibrant surface.
By screen printing, you can work with overprinting, which for example, means that blue can be printed on yellow, to create a deep green tint in the fabric. Reactive dyes are used, which is also of great importance. Unlike pigment dyes, which only settle on the surface of the fabric, reactive dyes enter into the fibres of the fabric. This makes a big difference when it comes to the quality and feel of the fabric, and also makes the fabric age beautifully.
Read more about screen printing in Svenskt Tenn’s magazine.

Sewing your fabric products

When you have selected your fabric, Svenskt Tenn can help you by sewing curtains, custom-made cushions or other products adapted to your interior. Contact Svenskt Tenn’s Customer Service at +46 (0)8-670 16 00, or email info@svenskttenn.se if you would like to find out more.

Furniture fabric from Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn's furniture fabrics are made of high quality, durable materials. The range includes furniture fabrics with classic prints by Josef Frank, as well as furniture fabrics created by contemporary designers.

A classic and very durable fabric that has been part of the range since the late 1940s is “Vägen” (The Road), created by designer Margit Thorén in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson. The textile is woven in Sweden, using a twill weave technique. This means that the warp, which is made of cotton, is mostly visible on the back and the weft of linen is emphasized on the front. The yarn is custom dyed and the weft consisting of three linen threads in different shades, along with a single thread of cotton warp, creates a beautiful and vibrant surface.

When upholstering furniture, the fabric is "railroaded", i.e. with the longitudinal side placed horizontally, as it emphasizes the shine in the linen. This type of material composition provides a strong and functional furniture fabric.

Upholstery fabrics