Candle Holder Pewter with Stone Josef Frank Svenskt Tenn
Josef Frank

Pewter & Stone

The high candle holders in the range, as this classic in pewter and stone, have a special meaning at Svenskt Tenn, as the founder, Estrid Ericson, loved to create decorative table settings.

The lighting at the dinner table was something that she was particularly fond of, and in a 1951 radio talk she imparted some main rules for increased wellbeing at the table: “The light should be high enough so as not to shine from below and cast an unflattering light. The flowers should be so low, that you can see the person across the table unhindered.”

The elegant candle holder in pewter and stone was created by the Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank in 1952, perhaps based on these thoughts and ideas from his partner Estrid Ericson. The candle holder was first produced for the exhibition "Josef Frank 20 years at Svenskt Tenn" at the National Museum in Stockholm. It is classic and timeless in its form, and has been part of Svenskt Tenn's range for almost 70 years.

Candle Holder Pewter with Stone Josef Frank Svenskt Tenn

Decorative still life

Today, the pewter candle holder is made with five different stones: gray-brown smoky quartz, purple amethyst, transparent rock crystal, pink rose quartz and green aventurine. The candle holder is made by hand in Portugal at a small, family-owned company with extensive knowledge of the pewter material.

The candle holder is decorative to use individually, in pairs or in groups, and can also be used to create beautiful still lifes in combination with a tray or other pewter objects. They can also be accompanied with candle rings, something that Estrid Ericson did when she wanted to add something extra to the table setting.

Candle Holder Pewter with Stone Josef Frank Svenskt Tenn