Dining room 2022

A dining room with graphic elements

A planned, schematic colour scheme makes the room rigid and incapable of receiving a new colour. Suppose we suddenly fall for a painting which does not match the curtains!

– Estrid Ericson

A rug with abstract motifs, tablecloths and napkins with graphic patterns, bold art objects and Josef Frank's colourful dining chairs set the mood in the spring dining room. The furnishing combines wood, brick and glass into a harmonious whole, accompanied by modern interior details and classic furniture from Svenskt Tenn.

Dining room with graphic elements

A rug should provide a sense of solid ground under your feet, according to Josef Frank. While his other fabric prints are often associated with flowers, birds and plants, he decorated his rugs with abstract motifs. You do not step on flowers and birds, was his firm belief.

By placing a rug under the table, the environment becomes more defined. As a rule, the carpet should protrude about 70 centimeters around the table.

For the spring of 2022, French architect and designer Jean-Baptiste Lescudé created a collection of tablecloths and napkins with graphic prints for Svenskt Tenn. The collection is named Persephone after the Greek goddess associated with the return of spring. The pattern depicts the floral biodiversity of the season, with petals, buds, leaves and seeds in an abstract way.

Dining room with graphic elements

As an architect, the design of objects and furniture must be done with a transversal approach. When working on this fabric, the idea was to evoke the world of plants, which is so characteristic of Josef Frank’s work. The form emerged from an abstract spectrum, where I systematically painted a dab of colour with watercolours by playing with the angle and the pressure of the brush on the paper.

– Jean Baptiste Lescudé

Discover the Persehone Pattern
Dining room 2022

Rug Nr 1

A gray background and dotted pattern: an abstract motif that resembles a paved terrace.

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Chair 2025

Light weight, transparent back and organic form. The iconic 2025 chair was designed in 1925 by Josef Frank.

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Tablecloths and napkins, named after the Greek goddess associated with the return of spring.

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Spice up the dining room

Fresh mint, mild parsley and aromatic rosemary. Planting spices is both practical, fragrant and beautiful. Svenskt Tenn's classic Tolvekarna pot a is available in a range of spring colours, accompanied with silver plated or solid brass saucers.

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