Let Summer Enhance Autumn

Be inspired by Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson, and let souvenirs adorn the cabinets at home. On her many travels around the world, Estrid Ericson collected jewellery, shells, stones, and corals, which she displayed both in the store on Strandvägen 5, in her own apartment and in the summer house Tolvekarna (The Twelve Oaks) outside Stockholm. There she turned an entire window into a display case, filled with corals, shells and mussels. The modern coffee tables “Nizza” and “Cap d'Antibes”, designed by Per Öberg for Svenskt Tenn, are ideal for recreating an interior in the same spirit.

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Living room inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Many interior details created by contemporary designers for Svenskt Tenn, have been inspired by Estrid Ericson's collections. The range includes a range of accessories in leather, porcelain, lacquer and pewter. Among the latter are the small, organic pewter figures "Non Funkis", created by ceramicist Eva Hild for Svenskt Tenn's 80th anniversary in 2004.

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Living room inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Light up the reading nook

“There should be at least five light sources in a room. The light of a ceiling lamp is mainly appropriate for cleaning and housework. Otherwise, the light should preferably be further down, and in different levels. ” – Josef Frank

Josef Frank designed the Table Lamp 1819, the so-called "Glass Ball Lamp", in 1934 for Svenskt Tenn. Over the years, it has been made in several different forms: as a globe, a cylinder, a cube and in the form of a gourd at Reijmyre glassworks outside Norrköping in Sweden.

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Living room inspiration Svenskt Tenn