Crayfish party table setting inspiration Svenskt Tenn

Colourful crayfish party

The schnapps flask shaped like a fish adds something extra to any festive table setting. It was designed by Björn Trägårdh in the 1920s, inspired by Peruvian ceramics from the Ethnographic museum in Stockholm.

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In August every year, Swedes traditionally celebrate crayfish season. Many throw a crayfish party, inviting friends and family to eat crayfish, pies and drink schnapps.

Svenskt Tenn has created a table setting for this year’s feast, inspired by a crayfish party that the company founder, Estrid Ericson, photographed at her summer house in the 1950s. She often adorned the table with a chequered cloth when she served crayfish. This because of the fact that a patterned textile easily could take over, and not bring out the deep red colour of the crayfish. She combined the tablecloth with Josef Frank's oval seafood platter, simply folded napkins and two kinds of glasses. It was this unique ability to unite and merge different objects that made Estrid Ericson a master at arranging beautiful tables. Cleverly, she balanced simple accessories with bold elements.

For this year's crayfish party, Svenskt Tenn has recreated her classic table setting in a modern way. Schnapps glasses, serving platters and Estrid Ericson’s traditional flask are here combined with Mediterranean influences; lemons, fish and hand-painted ceramics.

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Table Setting Svenskt Tenn

Some of the details on the table that brings southern vibes to mind are the deep, ceramic plates with hand-painted fish in yellow, blue, green and red tones. They are made in Portugal, and the combination of them, the braided bread baskets and the colourful carafe in plexiglass gives a new, vivid expression to the otherwise conventional table setting.

The carafe is designed and manufactured by the Italian company Mario Luca Giusti. Here, unique and colourful objects are created with focus on functionality, comfort, beauty and elegance.

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