Expressive interior Svenskt Tenn

Expressive interior

Autumn is colourful at Svenskt Tenn. Light tones and soft details are replaced by vibrant hues, strong accessories and graphic patterns. Josef Frank’s ‘Terazzo’ fabric hangs in the window; it bears an expressive theme which stands out among Frank’s many botanical fabric designs.

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Create exciting contrasts in the interior by mixing chairs of different colours and shapes. The ”2025” stool was designed by Josef Frank for his company Haus und Garten as early as 1925, and its form is as relevant today as it was then. He attached importance to aspects such as light weight and transparent back, a feature which renders the design of the furniture timeless. The open back adds an ethereal impression to the room as a whole and avoids adding additional, delineating walls to the interior.

Josef Frank was also inspired by materials of the Far East and, among other things, adopted rattan and bamboo in his chair designs. He believed that a dining chair should be so light that it can be lifted with one finger and that the user can easily move it around the room. With this in mind, the choice of light material was important in his creation of chairs.

By mixing chair 2025 in various colours and choosing both rattan and padded seating, a dynamic interior is created for the autumn dining room.

Chair 2025

The fabric-clad “522” cabinet provides the room’s more classical element. It was designed by Josef Frank in the 1930s, inspired by British furniture culture. In the season’s dining room, the soft form of the furniture – its curvaceous floral theme and the warm mahogany – stands in stark contrast to the room’s vibrant colours and patterns. Nevertheless, together these features create a harmonious whole.

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