Decorative foliage at Svenskt Tenn


The dining room window is dressed with curtains in Josef Frank’s “Window” pattern, which was designed in the 1940s and inspired by various field manuals and botanical dictionaries. The foliage picks up several green tones in the interior and adds an inviting atmosphere to the room.

Textile Window

The “Shadow” table lamp, designed by Harri Koskinen in 2017, also derives inspiration from flora. Here, Koskinen has transformed a classic Monstera into beautiful lighting, with thin slits in the leaves casting decorative shadows on walls and ceiling.

The leaf-inspired works are combined with furniture made of natural materials such as wood and rattan. The “2170” chest of drawers, designed by Josef Frank for Estrid Ericson in 1954, combines elmroot veneer and walnut. It was intended as part of the furnishing in the hall of Estrid Ericson’s beloved summerhouse “Tolvekarna” on Tyresö, and thus early on came to be known as the “Tyresö Chest of Drawers”.

The rattan in the back rest is the finishing touch in Josef Frank’s “2238” chair, which was designed in 1957 and brought back into production in 2016. The frame, with its four side rails and two cross rails, endows the chair with stability and leads the eye up to the generous lyre back of double rattan tubes, handcrafted at Larsson Korgmakare i in Stockholm. Like a jewel, the rattan lyre adorns this light chair, which was probably the last chair ever designed by Josef Frank.

CHAIR 2238
Dining Room Inspiration Svenskt Tenn