Table setting in green tones Svenskt Tenn

Table setting in green tones

The flowers exude a pleasant scent over the table. Svenskt Tenn has adorned the setting with a green colour explosion. The classic Dagg vase in a new, deep green colour tone stands in the centre, accompanied by Josef Frank's La Plata textile in a newly launched green print, linen napkins in various shades of green and green seat cushions for Chair 591. The Dagg vase is designed by Carina Seth Andersson and manufactured at Skruf Glassworks in Småland, Sweden. In 2019, it has been a decade since the vase was first launched in the range. Its popularity has had a major impact on the glassworks

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The La Plata print was designed by Josef Frank in 1943-1945, and named after Rio de la Plata, the great river estuary outside of Buenos Aires. The original print has a variation of blue tones, but Svenskt Tenn now presents the fabric in a green colourway, made after after a fabric sample that has been preserved in the archive since Josef Frank's time. The print is airy and elegant, which makes the textile suitable to use as a table cloth, as curtains or as upholstery fabric on furniture that is not exposed to excessive wear.

The small, pink house at Millesgården in Stockholm was originally built as a residence for the secretary and hostess Anne Hedmark. The house was furnished by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson in the 1950s, and the seating group in the interior was upholstered in textile La Plata. The starting point was that Carl Milles wanted Anne to experience a place of rest in the house; having the feeling of floating on a white cloud against a blue sky. Both the house and the interior are still intact, and open for museum visitors.

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