White walls are the most beautiful, textiles must impart colour to the room. Furnish sparingly with light, moveable furniture. This does not have to be altogether expensive, but armchairs and beds should be of the highest quality.

– Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson

Just like Estrid Ericson, designer Josef Frank advocated light and movable furniture, but he made exceptions when it came to armchairs. Then, it was more important that a stressed modern person could sink into the chair, feel comfortable and gain strength. He designed almost 120 sofas, armchairs and couches for Svenskt Tenn, all with soft, rounded shapes and comfortable cushions.

Tips from our interior designer

With a neat armchair, the furnishing won’t feel confined, even if you place the chair with its back against the room or the entrance.

Let the armchair take up space and become a solitary piece in the interior, preferably with a different upholstery fabric.

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For maximum comfort and relaxation: place a stool in front of the armchair so that you can put your feet up.

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Manufacturing the armchairs

Just like Svenskt Tenn's sofas, stools and other upholstered furniture, the armchairs are produced at O.H. Sjögren's furniture factory in Tranås, Sweden. The factory is run by brothers Håkan och Jakob Sjögren, whose goal is to preserve solid quality and craftsmanship, in the same way as their grandfather did when the company was founded in the beginning of the 1900s.

Many skilled craftsmen are needed for the work to succeed, and they are all responsible for various stages in the process. A team of exceptional furniture makers, seamstresses and upholsterers lies behind the production of each piece.