Living room of contrasts Svenskt Tenn


Svenskt Tenn created this living room interior with large patterned fabrics and colourful contrasts. Black, green and white details meet touches of the deepest blue and walls in the most beautiful yellow.

POT HORTUS 1942 Josef Frank
POT HORTUS 1942 Josef Frank

Josef Frank liked to mix different materials in his furniture to create an exciting impression, something that is evident in his designs from the 1930s. He designed Table 965 in 1938, with tapered legs that ended in his typically stylised foot, inspired by traditional English furniture. The table comes in two different versions: with a dark granite top or a light travertine top. The dark as night granite sets the tone in the room, forming a sharp contrast to the carpet’s bright colours, the bold hues of the flowers and the candlesticks in traditional brass.

The Knot of Friendship is often highlighted in Svenskt Tenn’s different interiors and it is also in this season’s living room. The timeless design is one of the reasons for this candelabra’s immense popularity, but its symbolism is also of importance. Not everyone is aware that Josef Frank designed the candelabra a year before the outbreak of World War II. He created it as a symbol of friendship and peace in a time when Europe was filled with turmoil. It symbolises something that merits attention as much today as when it first came out.

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ARMCHAIR 969 Josef Frank