Conservatory 2022

Coffee on the Porch

To Twelve Oaks let me now repair,
To boulder ridge, ‘mid sun and air.
There, as each season fresh appears,
I laugh and smile at the passing years.

Svenskt Tenn's founder Estrid Ericson wrote these lines about her beloved summer house Tolvekarna (The Twelve Oaks). During the business weeks in the city, she longed to come here, to Tyresö outside Stockholm, where she described how she could always get back her strength. And surely, we can agree that you get both strength and inspiration when you finally are able to furnish the outdoor space and set the table in the conservatory, on the terrace or the balcony?

Conservatory 2022
Conservatory 2022


Timeless Tablecloths

A spring tablecloth softens up the table setting. Among the new arrivals in the range you will find, among other things, ‘Persephone’, inspired by the Greek goddess associated with the return of spring.

New arrivals

Lux Candle Lantern

Peter Nylander’s lantern is intended to be used where loved ones meet. It can be by the table, by the seating area, on a patio, in the great hall or in the living room.

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Gryning Tableware

Sara Söderberg created the ‘Gryning’ (Dawn) tableware with the thought and hope that it could have been part of Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson’s poetic table settings.

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Sowing a seed, planting a tree, breaking off a rose, picking an apple, waking up early, squinting at the sun and being able to say: Good morning, Life – that’s living!

– Svenskt Tenn’s founder, Estrid Ericson

Planting in the conservatory

The ‘Tolevekarna’ plant pot, named after Estrid Ericson's summer house, is ideal for growing plants and flowers. The unique design and the practical drainage hole make the pot an obvious choice for cultivation, available in several different colours and sizes. For the cuttings that are to be placed in the conservatory but haven’t yet taken root, you can start with a small vase such as the Acorn glass, Mareld or Mini.

Estrid Ericson

It was in 1931 that Estrid Ericson acquired the weekend house at Tyresö outside Stockholm. A small house with an enclosed veranda, it perched high up on a hill, overlooking extensive grounds set with beautiful, large oak trees. The house had a marvelous view of the fjord. With the help of Josef Frank, both the exterior and the interior of the house was rebuilt and then named ‘Tolvekarna’ (The Twelve Oaks). Here, all the furniture was designed by Josef Frank, as well as most of the fabrics.

Acorn vase
Conservatory 2022